Biden elected president

Oh, I’m sure they’ll (like I said) try, I didn’t say it’d work…


I live in Toronto but vote in Wisconsin, and it was really gratifying to see Wisconsin flip back. Especially after Scott Walker and after we elected America’s Dumbest Senator, Ron Johnson.


Roger that… as long as we stay vigilant…


You’re not wrong, but it sounds like your family was already invested in the political process and voting.

My own n=1 study covers people like my brother. I cannot remember him ever expressing any kind of political opinion or even voting at all.

Then suddenly he’s all TRUMP-TRUMP-TRUMP because (in his exact words) “Democrats want to give illegal aliens free health care”.

These are the people I’m talking about. Those who were otherwise not engaged politically. And now people know what will motivate them to get out and vote: racism, bigotry, and hatred.


I mean, it sounds likely that enough of the reactionary wing of the supreme court is mindful of what Bush v Gore did to the Supreme Court’s reputation and doesn’t want a repeat…


Exactly! Much like Civil Rights (and women getting the vote) they fought for it tooth and nail, spilled so very much blood, and made themselves heard to become full citizens. Unfortunately, the way we often teach the CR movement, it’s incredibly whitewashed, and made to seem inevitable and peaceful. Despite the use of non-violent resistance, it was anything but peaceful. The protests up in Portland and other places would not seem out of place in how the CR protests actually looked. We just have been taught to believe that non-violent actions were peaceful, when they provoked incredible levels of violence. Nor was it the only tactic being employed.

You get nothing by asking politely in politics. Every single right some of us take for granted saw blood spilled to secure. We most certainly should not deny ourselves or future generations access to decisive actions for continued guarantee of our rights by asking us to shut up and be nice to the oppressors.


Roberts does seem to care about the independence of the courts, so…


What are the betting odds of more than a million tweets sent to Donald Trump reading “You’re Fired.” ?


I think (I read somewhere) that rocket engines spew out water vapour. Which doesn’t seem enough for this task.

Maybe add a load of bleach? That would also ‘cure’ any Covid cases, as per the Trumpsters instructions to the nation.


whoa whoa whoa - typical dem. Don’t concede the senate till it’s done. We have two GA runoffs to win, then we have the full plate.

I can not overstate how this has to be done - balls out, no-holds-barred. We have to take those two seats. And don’t think that McConnell would do any less - he’s already claiming that Biden will have to negotiate his cabinet with McConnell. The brass balls to make such an assertion from a position of weakness.

Its time to kick them in those brass balls and take these GA seats no matter what. We can all sing kumbaya after we control the Senate.



It’s time for a reposting of the best article about Trump in the past 4 years, written within 4 months of his inauguration:

Rebecca Solnit has written much of value, but this (short) article ends like this:

The man in the white house sits, naked and obscene, a pustule of ego, in the harsh light, a man whose grasp exceeded his understanding, because his understanding was dulled by indulgence. He must know somewhere below the surface he skates on that he has destroyed his image, and like Dorian Gray before him, will be devoured by his own corrosion in due time too. One way or another this will kill him, though he may drag down millions with him. One way or another, he knows he has stepped off a cliff, pronounced himself king of the air, and is in freefall. Another dungheap awaits his landing; the dung is all his; when he plunges into it he will be, at last, a self-made man.


And I’m ok with that.


I was considering joining Twitter for precisely that purpose, although I was actually planning on using stronger language.


You lost me here and the dress code, and I’m really not fond of rednecks.


More specifically I believe it’s:

Kill the poor, not the unborn

(spotted in Factsheet 5 about 30 years ago)


Fox News: check
John Yoo: check
Amy Coney Barrett: check


A thought about how the peaceful transition of power happens from this point forward:

Trump will rant and rave about the injustices for weeks to come. At some point, it will be so much, that Pence and the Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment. On his way out the door, Pence pardons all of Trump’s crimes while President, meaning that the peaceful transition of power can be accomplished, and the American people can move forward.

It’ll be completely frustrating that the crimes will not be properly investigated or prosecuted, but the country will be able to move forward.

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Perhaps, but they need to flip, what, three states or throw the election to the House? That would probably require quite a few political suicides to get there, or a major intervention by the Supreme Court, which they’ll be reluctant to do.

At some point enlightened selfish interest is going to kick in: “Okay, we’ve stacked the court, we still probably have the Senate, so we can paralyze the government, blame them for inaction, and start coming back in 2022. You know, I never really liked Trump that much…”

They’ll give it a try, but I don’t know if they’ll choose Trump as their hill to die on.


Sorry to interrupt your fantasy, but Pence can’t pardon 45 for state crimes, only federal ones.


I think this is highly plausible as a second or third-tier contingency in trump’s mind. However, at this point we can only assume there will be federal charges. We know there are numerous state charges pending. Pence can’t do shit about that.

However, some news that came out during all of this madness is pretty fun reading…

ETA: Ach, @Melizmatic beat me to it while I was digging up that link. I concede.