Biden fires doctor who lied about Trump's Covid condition

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Hahaha I remember that time. Wasn’t it Claudia Conway who broke the news about how terribly Trump was dealing with the virus on TikTok?


where is the license revocation? the striking of the title?


In all fairness Biden chose the guy he knows and trusts, NOT fired the other guy for being an asshole.


I’ll take a “why not both” on this one.


well, because its just not there.

If Biden wanted to make an example of people who bent reality in service of trump he had a perfect opportunity here to say “Don’t risk your career and future telling obvious lies for scumbags”.

But he didn’t. Its no help to pretend he did.


It was a sufficient condition that the original doctor was not his preferred doctor.

It was a necessary condition that the original doctor was an incompetent trumpist.

(Having said that, there are not infrequent examples of people from one Administration being retained by the next: eg, Obama retaining SecDef Richard Gates, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and 5-10 others. If Sean Conley had been doing a crackerjack job, it’s possible he could have been retained.)




under normal circumstances i think i’d give this doctor a pass - you probably don’t want to telegraph to the world that the commander-in-chief is sick as a dog. but of course with everything trump the propensity to outright lie about everything vs. just dissemble, i say good day to you, sir!


under normal circumstances i think i’d give this doctor a pass

we already knew he was sick as a dog - he was “following orders” in the bad sense of that phrase. He should have told the truth, and let trump fire him.


Found this image of after Dr. Conley performed his “exam” on tRump…



Where I’m from Osteopaths are not Doctors.


Well, maybe he just loves Cheetos?

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That was on Trump’s watch


Good. Bring back David Tennant!

USA seems one of few places where they are. Apparently osteopathic training there is pretty much the same as med school. Does seem strange though.

Going way OT here, but I gotta say that David Tennant is when I lost my taste for New Doctor Who. It was during Tennant’s tenure where in every episode, all of Earth or all of time was imperiled, and it seemed like every defeat was spared at the last moment by some bullshit Deus Ex Machina of the Doctor rememerbing that [some offscreen fact] that would address [this week’s MacGuffin]. Tennant was a fun-ish Doctor and there were some decent episodes, but the storytelling as a whole just wasn’t there, and the desire to keep amping up the intensity and risk in each episode ultimately made it feel like nothing, in fact, was at risk, and it meant that every last-minute escape became more and more implausible and arbitrary.

Yes, legally DOs get all of the training of MDs PLUS the osteopath-specific focus and training.
That having been said, from what I’ve seen it’s a bit easier to get into the DO schools than the MD schools.

Don’t @ me, DOs. I have respect for some DOs I’ve met, who’ve proven their skill in the real world. It just has a bit of a reputation as a last resort for those who couldn’t get into med school…

Why would there be? He didn’t harm the patient he was responsible for. The problem is him lying to (medically) unrelated parties about the state of his patient, which is secondary to his main responsibilities.

As far as I can tell, he’s not a bad doctor, just a bad PR flack.

Ah, but that was the matter of the writers, not the actor. Oh, and he had
one of the best ‘companions’ ever which didn’t hurt a bit.