Biden "jokingly" hinted at a presidential run by California Gov. Gavin Newsom

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Two thoughts:

1- This makes the shedload of “Unpopular in California but playing to the national crowd” vetos that he implemented earlier this year make an annoying amount of sense.

2- If he really thinks that more bland neoliberal technocratic “centrism” is what the country really needs in the face of an actual fascist plot to take over the country, then he can fuck right off.


I don’t think Newsom is reckless enough to challenge Biden in 2024—he’s a creature of the party machine through and through—but he’s been telegraphing his plans to run in 2028 for a long time now.


… he’ll be term-limited out of Sacramento by 2028

Former Governor doesn’t have the same ring to it as actual governor (ask Sarah Palin)

Gavin Newsom’s moment is right now — he’s never going to be this “plausible” again :thinking:


Honest question: despite Newsom’s clear failings is he more electable than Biden in this current political climate?

I ask as it’s quite possible Drumpf might still be traversing the courts by election season thus setting him up as the legitimate GOP choice.

For all the MAGAts out there, there are still millions of undecided voters - many who have been influenced by the constant misinformation campaign against Biden but might be open to another candidate.

If Biden was to step down last minute, I suspect the Right could not manufacture the same level of brainwashed vitriol against a Newsom, Porter or Whitmer - thus capturing the center-right vote they’ve been missing.

Crazy tactics? Maybe.


If Biden dropped out for health reasons or whatever then Newsom would be a viable replacement. If Newsom mounted a primary challenge against Biden it would divide the party and all but assure a Trump victory.


Agree. But I guess what I’m getting at is whether Biden should drop out closer to the election- not because of age or that BS - but to throw a massive wrench into the propaganda plans of the GQP.

The bar is likely quite low with millions of voters who are looking for a better choice - but are indoctrinated into the whole Trump vs Biden/Obama/Hillary/Soros.

If so - who is that person?

“… remember, kids, democracy means you get the exact same two choices as last time, and if you don’t like it you are the problem” :roll_eyes:


On the flip side voters have already heard all the GOP’s attacks against Biden and ultimately found them unconvincing in 2020.


Would it really? I don’t see Newsom having any enthusiastic constituency within the party. The job of old centrist guy is already taken, and he’s hardly going to rally a crowd of activists to his cause.

I think he’s running in the actuarial primary - ready to step up if required, but not actually campaigning.

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I still think his Plan A is 2028 but would be happy to try for 2024 if a real possibility presented itself.


I think so.
So would Harris, IMO. Which I know sounds crazy ATM.
I mean, Biden deciding not to run has a precedent - LBJ in '68. Even though I was only 2 at the time, it makes me incredible sad that RFK was killed and didn’t become president. Because he absolutely would have won and would have been great. IMO.


You’re not alone in that opinion:

But who knows how accurate that polling is. And anyone who isn’t Biden has the advantage of not having been the primary target of GOP attacks over the last few years, which would obviously change if they got the nomination.


I lived in SF when Newsom won his first seat on the city council. He was perceived as being in the pocket of real estate developers and a political climber.
I’ve been out of CA for a long time, but am still disinclined to trusting him.


I dig, but him vs Biden vs “bland neo-liberal”?
vs Trump- dumpster fire?
What is he waiting for?

I just want bad choices!

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Well, Don Jr. and Eric …

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So slick!

(Such greasy collars too. :nauseated_face:)

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