Biden on jobs report: 'Congress and President Trump must get a deal done for the American people'

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“There’s nothing beyond our capacity if we work together as one nation.”
Okay, so since that’s definitely not happening, what’s the actual plan?


republicans don’t want Biden to succeed - they want him to struggle so they can slam him and the democratic congress and senate races at the mid-term. Biden is never going to get them to go along.

They need to fucking wake up, win in GA and get ready to walk all over the GOP, ramp up investigations, put all their corruption on display and destroy their chances in 2022 and 2024. Otherwise we can prepare for a roadbock in congress in 2022, and a spawn of trump in 2024.


Are y’all kidding me?

Wow. Things will be done

Yeah, but may be better to do so from a point of “we fucking told you to do it while Trump was president because it would have been better for the country” rather than being quiet now and trying to get it through after the administration changes where they can say “but you never would have agreed to do this when Trump was president…” . Yes, it’d be totally better if GA was a democratic win, and republicans stopped having power for the good of the country and the species on so many levels.

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