Rick Wilson warns Democrats: get complacent and GOP "will impeach Biden"

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The Republicans absolutely and unequivocally will destroy the country if given the opportunity. I am not exaggerating. We have seen them try once within the last six months, and they are now applauding what they did while taking measures to make sure that it will work next time.


Sadly, I believe Mr. Wilson is quite correct. The U.S. stands on the precipice. Republicans have demonstrated they have no interest in facts or democracy. Given control of government, they will drag us into a Trumpian dictatorship, whether or not mass-murdering traitor Trump is alive or not.


“Also, I have more giant loans to pay off, so pitch in to save America!”


I mean, yeah. Attempts have already started in congress:


He’s right to warn the always-complacent establishment Dems about this. You’d think a GOP politician and her cronies screaming through AOC’s office mail slot like maniacs would clue them in, but the Third Way Dems apparently need that extra push from a “moderate conservative” of the sort they’re always courting.


I read through that and went “wait a minute, that’s tame compared to El Cheeto.”

But you know, equal treatment and all.

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That’s not who he’s warning. He’s warning the left Dems who seem to think we can afford to do stuff like primary Joe Manchin so he can be replaced by a Republican.

It’s the more left Democrats who lost house seats in 2020, but they keep calling for the moderates to be primaried. That’s a recipe for disaster.

We need to keep every single member, left, center or DINO, so the Republicans don’t take over.


I don’t see him addressing left-Dems in particular in the video. He basically warning Dems in general not to rely only on policy but also on populist appeals if they want to win in 2022 and 2024. That strikes me as something that Pelosi needs to hear more than Ocasio-Cortez does.

I think we can assume that Rick Wilson would like to see DINOs like Manchin and Sinema remain in the Dem caucus, although for different reasons than you describe.


The Democrats, of course, will botch it.

The GOP in the past several decades came to represent a deep lizard brain urge for authoritarianism, white supremacy, and greed. The GQP throws a metric buttload of batshit crazy on top.

During this same time, the Democrats have become the party solely of reacting and catching up to the ever increasing downward spiral. I am deeply fearful for my democracy, and I feel powerless to change it.


“The Democrats” is us, not the politicians. Each one of us who cares about progressing out of 40 years of Reagan, and 5 years of Trump needs to roll up our sleeves, get involved, and make sure we win House and Senate seats in 2022. Turnout will once again determine the fate of the U.S.


The whole reason for Bill Clinton’s endless investigations and his impeachment was residual GOP anxiety over, and a need to “avenge,” Watergate.

But why impeach Biden just once? They’ll impeach him twice (or more) to “get even” for Trump’s Impeachments and to muddy the waters. (Trump himself will be egging them on every step of the way, probably well-ensconced in his new media portal, all the while angling for the 2024 election.)

What’s amazing about this is: You have to think like a Republican. That is, you have to think: what is the lowest, most deceitful thing a human being would do, and assume Republicans will do it or attempt to do it. It just makes sense that, given the chance, they would attempt a “counter-Impeachment.”


Manchin is destroying himself by opposing the voting rights act and DC statehood. He seems to think he needs to to stay relevant, but he would have even less power and influence in a Trumptatorship.


He would have no power at all if the Republicans take over…or if the Dems get a few more Senators…61 would be nice…


He would still have power with a Dem majority. Just not “toddler taking his ball and going home” power.


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