Biden on Trump: 'No need for him to have the intelligence briefings'

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in other words: no change


It’s not like he ever read them anyway.


If he had some business dealings related to the briefings, he’d certainly shunt off those briefings to employees who would read them and mine them for financially beneficial information.


Is Biden able to put an end to them?


Putin’s not going to be happy. He was expecting years to come of free intel briefings. That’ll cost Biff a few months of forbearance on loan repayments.


What? The guy who tweeted a super-sensitive photo that let the world know our intelligence capabilities, which is literally one of our most sensitive secrets. so secret that commanders on the battlefield don’t have access to it, that guy? Could he be a possible threat to capabilities we’ve spent trillions of dollars developing and keeping hidden? Unpossible!


I am surprised to find out that keeping old POTUSes (POTI? POTUPODES? PsOTUS?) in the loop on intelligence briefings is a thing. I’d have just assumed they stopped as soon as the individual no longer had any decision-making authority.


Papasan on Trump

"Fu@k tRump to hell, and all of his scumbag followers! "




Well, the intelligence agencies are pretty squarely in the executive branch. And technically the president is supposed to be the boss of all that.

I have no idea why a former president would have a right to these breifings anyway. They aren’t necessary. They’re not doing the job. And like Biden said, it’s dangerous. Someone as stupid, corrupt and unamerican as trump could let something important slip and get a lot of americans killed.


Seriously, what’d be the point?

The only reason to allow it would be if former presidents act as important advisors to the current one.

Trump has absolutely nothing of value to offer. In fact, he’s quite the waste of resources. Anyone who’d listen to his advice is a fool.


The reason former presidents, retired generals, and ex high level intell workers keep getting briefings is so they can be called back for experienced advice.

No point in Trumpy’s case.


Good point. We should just pass the intelligence briefings directly to the MyPillow guy so he can advise Biden directly.


What they should have done, is give him “watered down” [eg, fake] briefings, which contain no actual state secrets, and/or contain misinformation that trump can feed to our countries enemies.


What they should have done is charge trump with election interference for the Georgia phone call, and put him in prison.



But why do former US presidents get this anyway? Do any of you still have access to the proprietary information of past jobs?

Even with reliable past presidents it is a risk to transmit or communicate this info to people that do not need it, can’t do anything with it, and most definitely should not communicate it further.


Do you hang out in the cafeteria of your old job most weekdays, and have a more-or-less permanent interest in the success of your former employer? Does your former employer still let you stay at resorts it owns?

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if current CEOs of Fortune 500 companies sometimes pick the brains of their predecessors. I’d expect it’d make even more sense with presidents, provided they’re not fucking insane, corrupt, bigoted shitpiles with the mental capacity of a brain-damaged rat.

Being a former US president is an extremely exclusive club. Being a sitting US president is an extremely difficult job. If I were in the position, I’d really want advice from people who’ve done it before.

But yeah, since trump never actually did the job of president so much as corruptly exploit the title, it’d be pointless to give him anymore briefing than “sir, this is a Wendy’s please order or get out of the line.”


Yeah, I’ve also seen it suggested that another reason is because former presidents are likely to meet with foreign leaders, and presumably they don’t want them accidentally stepping in it by meeting someone inappropriate. Which is exactly what Trump would do if he had the briefings.

As mentioned, it’s about being able to ask advice. If one is president, there aren’t exactly a lot of people who have experience doing that, so it could be useful to talk to one of them and have them be up to speed on things already. Trump’s probably one of the only presidents in recent history who hasn’t called on a previous president at one time or another for advice.


For some reason that triggered a childhood memory for me. ADHD what can I say.

My dad had brought home a big roll of Kennedy half-dollars when I was pretty little, and as we’re looking at them we’re also digging through our change jar. And I’m identifying Lincoln “He freed the slaves!”. There’s Jefferson “he built monticello”. There’s Washington “Hey, our state is named after him”. And I look at the Kennedy half-dollar.

“What did Kennedy do dad?”
“Oh Kennedy? He uh… He died. Someone killed him.”

Seriously? Yeah, that was my education on Kennedy until one of my high school history classes.