Biden repeatedly hammers Trump where it hurts most: "under his skin" (video)

That’s where facts are helpful! None of those independent voters are billionaires, so they aren’t going to get a tax cut under T****; but they might get one under Biden.


I wish Biden would get a little cynical or whatever and hand out some stimulus checks. That’d get him some votes. Call them something like Tax Money Back to You from the Rich checks. :thinking:


I’d even accept the change to the international standard of not having to file a tax return unless you disagree with the taxes you paid. That would save many millions of average people a lot of time and money and unecessary stress. It would also mean, by default, that low income and middle class people wouldn’t get audited if they accept the fed’s numbers for them.

The frosting is that would free up a lot of IRS resources to audit the wealthy, who would still probably have to submit returns to get the tax breaks that are currently codified.

It’s my understanding this is fully within the executive’s power to implement.


Nobody’s mentioning a particularly good reason to use such attacks – it seems they have the potential to accelerate this demented man’s decline further into dementia. (Unrelated to how it will be received by the electorate.) It’s not something I ordinarily wish upon people but it is definitely for the greater good in this case.

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Or even better…



Would anyone think of TurboTax and HRBlock! /S


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