Biden, Trump win Michigan primaries

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That’s a not insignificant number of people who voted uncommitted… I will say that we voted in our primary here in GA last night and my kid voted for Williamson as a protest vote. Young people ARE pissed about Gaza (and, yes, I am too)… He needs to do something different there and I hope to fuck he listens.


100,000 votes is a lot, especially in a state that Biden won by only 150,000 at the last election.


Wow, that’s pretty much what Beau predicted, though he said they’d need to get more than 20 thousand votes to make a dent, considering previous elections where many people voted uncommitted.

*Edited to correct percentages to whole numbers.


“Uncommitted voters” need to suck it up and vote for Biden in the general. JFC the end result is too effing important to get distracted now.

Even if Biden shuts off Israel from Mil support and walks away from so-called negotiations Netenyahoo will still be bombing Gaza to smithereens.


From what I’ve read about the protest vote push, the general plan is still to vote for Biden in the general election. I’m in Michigan but didn’t vote uncommitted, because I didn’t feel like it was a clear statement on Gaza (uncommitted being a catch-all category). I hope that Biden and those in his administration do take it that way, though.


Yes indeed! got a ratty old t-shirt around here somewhere: “Vote your heart in the primary! Vote your brain in the general” (yes that’s fairly tedious, but so was the caucus it was used at)


It’s really getting harder, day by day, to ignore Israel’s actions. Surely at some point Biden has to cut them off, say that’s enough? I don’t think Netanyahu can really be forced to do anything, though.

Fingers crossed that ceasefire mentioned will come to light, but that’s just the beginning of a new set of problems. :frowning:

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That’s basically what I did in the 2008 and 2020 primaries:

In '08 I voted for Obama over Clinton, even though I never expected he would actually get the Dem nomination, let alone become POTUS.

In 2020 I knew Bernie would carry CA, though I suspected Biden would get the nom no matter what… so I voted my conscience for Warren.


it was shitty from the start, in fact. I get the anger, but how do they think that ethnically cleansing the entire Gaza strip will make them safer… But some people rather rule over a war zone that will keep them in power than keep their citizens safe.

I hope so.

Only by Israeli citizens. He’s fucking them all over. He’s not making them safer.

Better than people losing 100 members of their families and babies starving to death. But that’s just me. We should not refuse to move on something just because it might be hard.


I agree. My point was a cease fire alone isn’t going to magically stop the death and suffering. It just is going to be from disease and starvation, vs bombs.

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No, but it will slow it down and allow for alternatives to mass slaughter… And maybe aid can start coming in, too, to head off starvation and disease.


Like the post says it’s not really that outside the norm for Michigan though. When Obama ran for reelection in 2012 the “uncommitted” vote in Michigan was 11%, this time it’s 13%.

At this point, I’m appalled neither is there mention of actual vote numbers or thoughts and opinions factoring the real difference separating the candidates. Sure, “bone-hard” excitement over percentages, but what about real ballots cast?

Yes, real numbers were brought up with the “uncommitted” Biden protest anti-votes. But that completely didn’t encapsulate/contextualize the way of all the votes. It’s as if the Primary reporting is more than click-bait. FKAHs!

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