Joe Biden wins Illinois Democratic primary

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Yay. Get ready for more of the same that brought us Trump in the first place.

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Meanwhile the polling places are still open in some places in Illinois. What a silly system.


I’m still voting for Bernie in the primary and I’m still going to donate to him

I will vote for Joe Biden if he’s the nominee only because he is slightly better than a potted plant and a hell of a lot better than Donald Trump

This will lead if anything to Trump’s re-election because Biden excites no one and will change nothing from what we had before Trump

I say this 39 minutes after my home state of PA just closed liquor stores indefinitely, on St. Patrick’s Day, due to a global pandemic sharing a name with a popular beer. I could never have imagined I would live in such a backward reality


maybe after the quarantine, i can go get a new pair of vice grips to hold my nose when voting, this fall. well, if i have any money left. and if we even have an election…


I don’t know how anyone could consider any election that happened today a legitimate one.


They know the results on the same day? How is that possible? /s

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Let’s be honest, there would be plenty of Bernie supporters who would be willing to accept the outcome as legitimate if our guy won.


Brainspore, what’s that mean though? That because this whole contest is and has been a desperate power struggle in the democrat party, with loyalists of either candidate ready to throw propriety overboard, that an obviously borked election day across several states is fine. Let me guess, only general election, battleground state voters’ are worth protecting? Cool idea of democracy

My guy is Bernie Sanders, tis true. But not because of Bernie Sanders, who you will note is kind of a feckless pushover, frankly, but because I’m committed to the policy objectives. With a comment like yours, I don’t have a clue yr guy is.

Not proper use of 80’s slang “borked” please forgive

What??? They closed your liquor stores? No!!!


Sigh. Yeah, I’m sure that’s all the data you need to know for certain.


And again, well fuck.


A local TV station made a test graphic - with fake numbers showing much higher support for Sanders than actually exists - and accidentally aired it. Incompetent AF.

But do you seriously believe that this is somehow evidence of the election being rigged? If so, please explain. If not, you’re being irresponsible by making vague insinuations about the electoral process with absolutely nothing to back it up.


Exit polls, and analysis of the details of early returns, can let you be pretty sure pretty damn early who’s won. It’s not foolproof, but when the AP calls a race, they’ve only been wrong after all the votes are counted 0.1% of the time. And of course the call isn’t an official result - that has to wait for all the votes - it’s just a media coverage tradition.


Yup. PA has allowed sales of liquor in select grocery stores for a few years now. Customers can also buy beer at licensed package stores and restaurants that offer takeout (like deli and pizza places). The shutdown of the state stores is more of a problem in areas where those alternatives are few and far between.

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Honestly I assumed they’ve done this in many other states but I’m not sure

Pennsylvania is known for being incredibly backwards when it comes to liquor sales and vices in general. My local tobacconist is staying open and defying the ban until they are told to close but they are keeping customer in-store to less than 10.

I raided both the liquor store and my Tobacconist.
People laugh but if this goes on for months here bootlegging is going to come back I’m not even kidding.

To paraphrase the idiot philosopher Ricky of Trailer Park Boys:

If I can’t drink, smoke, and swear, I’m f*#ked!

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I voted for Sanders in the primary. That doesn’t mean I assume that a Biden win is “illegitimate,” just not the outcome I was hoping for.


The ballot still had the names of the dropout candidates. Warren, buttigieg etc. I also couldnt figure out how the names were ordered on the Ballot.

I think one thing that may have hurt was Bernie’s advertising being linked to his first name, whereas Biden linked his to his last name. On the portion of the ballot where one nominates delegates only the last name is listed. If you didnt know the name Sanders you wouldnt pick it.

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