Big dog patiently plays tug o' war with puppy


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It may not just be patience. Prince Hector is probably just as happy to have someone to play with as King Rambo.


Quick, somebody give that good boy a treat!


But who won?!


If you’ve ever watched dogs play you know the rule is everybody wins.


'cept my tightie whities… When we were young kids sitting on the floor playing some sort of game, my friend’s black lab puppy got hold of my underwear band and stretched them far enough to give me an atomic wedgie.


Damn! Too bad that happened in the days before the internet and ubiquitous cameras, I would have loved to see that on youtube!!!


There was another 'tubable gem from our teenage years… Once again, sitting on the floor at a different friend’s house when his cat decided to attack my elbow. 'twas the day we discovered that I have rubber elbows – she bit my elbow and stretched the skin out about 4 inches.


“That was my good shirt!”


Love, love, love the pitties!




awww wish nmy dog did that


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