BIGTIME TOMMIE, an Instagram of pure greatness

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That pimple is just about ready to pop.

Here’s my daughter today

Took me three times to catch he was actually saying thought of the day, even though I was primed to hear the right thing by the text in the article.


Driving that stereotype to the moon. Italian Americans shutter.


audi or as the cowboys say howdee

My time is way bigger than his!

I need #NOTAHANDJOB to start trending.


I’ve got a weird feeling that if he saw your photo, he’d say something equally nasty and offensive.

Not that I would care what BIGTIME TOMMIE thinks of me, I certainly understand why what I said was insensitive. Maybe it’s because I have known, and been harassed by, guys that look and act just like him. I have no idea why any of the content on his IG is pure or great in any way. Sorry.


Actually, here’s what he has to say about bullying:

Rather than assume you know what someone is like based on their accent or their wardrobe, you would be better off trying to see them as complete human beings just like you.

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Saying it to his face would be insensitive, saying about a stranger on the internet is more petty than mean.

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