Bill. clinton. is. not. hillary. clinton

Look, all I’m saying is that if we’re going to judge a candidate based on things their spouse may or may not have done 30 years ago then somebody had better start going through a bunch of Slovenian grade school transcripts.


However, we have had a First Lady who acted as the defacto President for the last two years of her husband’s term.


Because that’s how these bigoted minds work. They apply prejudice to everything, not just immigrants. One rapist is Mexican, therefore (be afraid!) you’re in danger from Mexicans. One mall stabber is Muslim, therefore (be afraid!) you are in danger from Muslims. Bill Clinton had sex with an intern, therefore (be outraged!) Clintons have no morals.

Blindly accepting prejudice is much easier than actually judging individuals on their own actions, so hate-mongers have a much simpler message to deliver than someone who uses logic to defend their position. And a simpleton’s vote counts exactly as much as one based on issues – and they’re cheaper to buy in bulk.


I’m not posting this in the ‘Why or Why Not Vote for’ thread because I have no interest in even trying to convince anyone to vote a certain way; people are gonna do whatever they’re gonna do.

But this is funny and needs to be shared:


It was! Sadly, of the two videos advertised at the end of the clip, one is an interview of…(natch) trump by Howard Stern in 2004. Show opens with Stern telling us that one of the show’s interns had dressed in a sexy manner that day b/c she was interested in trump (according to her, she’d not dressed differently at all that day, but she did think trump was “brilliant”). Then, bringing trump on air, Stern’s first question: is Melania good in bed? What’s her favorite position? etc.etc. I shoulda stopped with Franco.


Might have been wise.







Still, you can see what Bill saw in her back then!

Captions for this pic, anybody?

H:- Oh!, for pities sake Bill throw the ball back already and get back down here!

Laughing and forgot the pic!

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