Billboard displays huge swastika and other vile messages in PA – and nothing can be done (video)

Civil disobedience isn’t & never has been just for protesting governments.

Sometimes burning things to the ground is only incorrect, never wrong.


I know that there have been drive-ins that show pornography in the past, so…maybe?


God over Government.
God talks to me.
God told me to destroy it.

Case closed.


From the video…

…we’re choosing not to show the image widely considered a hate symbol.

Shows blurred out image, which is clearly a swastika, both at the beginning and at the end of the broadcast

I mean, come on. It’s obviously a swastika. We can see it, blurred or not. If you didn’t want to show, just say what it is. This whole article is bringing attention to it.

This whole situation is disgusting, but this isn’t random graffiti. This is purposeful hate speech. How is this allowed, private land or not, next to a highway? I unfortunately already know the answer to this…

Hate speech is written or verbal communication that may be motivated by hate but is legally protected by the First Amendment. Examples include name calling, insults, and the distribution of offensive literature in public places.

…from this Pennsylvania State Police page here.

It’s still disgusting.

EDIT: Here’s an unblurred photo of the swastika slide on the billboard…

EDIT2: I said this further down, but I’ll post it here also.

If that (the swastika slide) was the only slide on the billboard, I would just take it as they’re anti-government/FBI. However, the “WHITES ARE UNDER ATTACK STOP IT NOW - CRITICAL RACIST THEORY” slide is definitely racially divisive.


I understand the TV reports intent in blurring out the swastika, but you can still tell it’s a swastika…did the blurring really make it any less offensive?


LOL. That’s what I was saying.


From what I’ve heard about rural PA, it wouldn’t be the same response if the images advertised services at a synagogue or mosque.


I wish they would have shown the swastika unblurred and all the other really awful things this billboard says on the video. And the reason I wish they did that is that I think it’d be more damning of the hate messages on that board to show them all and not just the “less offensive” messages that many in that community likely agree with and a blurred out swastika. The whole loop needs to be posted on the news and the community there needs to see the image this single billboard projects about them.


You’re assuming “the community” is against this.

The guy is a business owner. If he didn’t have people supporting his beliefs, he probably wouldn’t be a business owner anymore.

Pennsylvania is full of racists just under the surface. We like our football people to be Black, but not anyone else.


Well there you go, he’s on a mission from God.

John Placek, who owns a business in Butler County, said he paid $150,000 to erect the electronic billboard on leased property at the intersection with Bonniebrook Road that began displaying his messages on Monday, Jan. 9. He said he did so because God gave him a mission to reset the country’s path.“I believe our country has run amok and is heading in the wrong direction,” Placek said. “I have a calling to make it right.” He said he will do everything in his power to spread the word that “God is alive and well, and anyone who does not repent will pay the price.”

I have no idea what this website is but they interview the guy.


Philly on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, Alabama in between. Has been so for a very long time.


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It’s a bit confusing that they’re showing the swastika in a context that suggests they believe Nazis are bad (comparing the FBI to the German secret police) but are simultaneously promoting all kinds of white supremacist nonsense.


This is something of a mixed message, isn’t it.


Perhaps calling the FBI “Gestapo” is simply an excuse for displaying a swastika.


From the context, no.


Yeah. If that was the only slide on the billboard, I would just take it as they’re anti-government/FBI. However, the “WHITES ARE UNDER ATTACK STOP IT NOW - CRITICAL RACIST THEORY” slide is definitely racially divisive.


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But the metacontext is it’s RWNJ and they project like crazy.


If we are going to start expecting our Nazis to be internally consistent we might as well just get rid of them all!

No. Really. Let’s get rid of them all