Billie Eilish asked same interview questions, TWO years after becoming a much bigger star

I’m sure she’ll be absolutely crushed to hear that.


Just voicing an opinion as others have.

As far as I recall (and tried to just verify by google), B.E. only performed, but did not host SNL.

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Her debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is a wonder, I mean like, spectacularly good. She and her brother mixed it up at home. They’re legit talents.

Some people just have to project hate on early mega-success. Me, I’m thrilled, THRILLED to see kids creating really extraordinary art at younger and younger ages. I’m pretty sure when I was Eilish’s age (long, long ago) literally no one that young was creating work at that level.

This is from the same SNL. I mean, c’mon…

The whole album is diverse and poetic.

The kids are alright.


You know that a singer’s become successful when other singers start performing their music. So there’s this reality TV show called The Voice, which began in Holland and is now in just about every country with a nation-wide television network and a stable political climate (kidding, but not by much). Here’s a video of clips of The Voice contestants (and former contestants) singing Billie Eilish’s songs.

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The husband doesn’t like her (I think because he hates AutoTune), while I really do.

I really want to perform Bury A Friend as a torch song.

Funny though… maybe you can start with her songs

Well you know what they say about opinions. “Dad as ass” can have one, too.

That was lovely. I’d never heard of this young woman before today. (Because I’m old and don’t normally seek random music on youtube, rather favoring established acts.) I think checking out her other work may be in order.

Thank you for sharing.


I guess I forgot that everyone must have and express the same opinion though…

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When I recently talked to my 8 year old nephew about music, he explained why he wasn’t a fan of Billie Eilish, saying that he liked that she made her own music and videos but didn’t like her breathy whisper voice and that he liked to listen to music with people singing in powerful loud voices.

That’s expressing an opinion. Randomly posting “that did nothing for me” adds nothing to a conversation.


I’ll make sure my comments conform to your expectations next time.

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That’s a lot of continuing effort to justify what was originally barely more than an empty post.


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