Watch Billie Eilish interviewed by an A.I

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This makes me realize how many interviewers would benefit from being replaced by neural-network-generated gibberish, because some of the questions are accidentally good, and even the gibberish ones means they wouldn’t be asking the same boring, unimaginative questions everyone asks (and have been answered over and over).


Anyone else get a little nervous when the AI asked " Have you seen the ending?" Ending…? Ending of WHAT?? Humanity maybe?


For me that interview was really hard to watch. I’m not sure who’s more boring, Billie or the AI?


Why not both?


Reminds me of a more sophisticated version of the “Dr. Sbaitso” program that came with SoundBlaster sound cards in the mid 1990’s.


Ooh, look at the guy who doesn’t like things other people like! So brave, so edgy.


Honestly it made me wonder what she pays for skin care.

And does it help her dance, because I like to see her dance.

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What about a nice game of chess?


I was a misanthrope before it was cool.


Do happy mutants wear Prada logo wear?



Yes, particularly when doing video interviews with Vogue. Such interviews involve wearing whatever Vogue puts on you. It’s a small price to pay for the publicity.

I do wonder why Billie Eilish gets so much backlash here on the BBS. Given that most users on here seem to be Boomers and Gen X, my guess is that it’s the generation gap. Millennials and Gen Z tend to think she’s really cool and talented.


Tail end boomer here; I think that she is cool and talented as well.

Talented is a word that I don’t really understand tho.


Me: Gen X.

Her: really fucking talented. I don’t see any reason to give her flack. The prada is weird but then I was like ‘well this is vogue’ so there’s that. And she just made the music in her bedroom with her brother and didn’t do the whole studio stardom machine and I think there’s a lot of power and honesty in that. I hope she makes it thru with her health and sanity intact.


I’m gen x and I think she and her brother are very talented and it all gives me hope for my also talented bedroom music producing children. The Prada stuff? Eh, Vogue, but at least they respected her shapeless clothes mandate. I suspect they set her loose in their closet but she put the actual outfit together.


I am a lifelong fan of Terry Gross on public radio’s show Fresh Air, she is one of the best interviewers alive today— I can’t count the times a guest has said to her “nobody has ever asked me that before.”


Beat on the lumpenproletariat! ; P

How edgy. If your name is Karen, and you spend all day on twitter

I am a millennial and I have never heard of her until this day. I think she is a good singer, but it seems like she has wealthy parents that are well-connected, which is a factor. But even though she’s Irish or whatever, she’s got “the look” of a pop star that neoliberals in tech sector housing tracts will like so I guess we’d better all fall in line automatically, or else hate / thought crime.

In my day we liked random kids with acoustic guitars (which I don’t even really like that much nowdays, unless they are socialists), but based on 2020 politics I guess I’ve now profiled myself on boingboing as a right wing reactionary who is #tooedgy and defacto part of gamergate

Sorry west coast elitists, my bad. Keep losing those elections.

Dr. Sbaitso was just text-to-speech, this allegedly used AI to set some of the content, but, taking that it was an artsy project, you can see that part of it was scripted e.g. the awkward end