Billionaire Beach Villain Vinod Khosla has a thought concerning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Got you covered, friend


At least the final joke is on him, with the hemisphere named after Amerigo Vespucci.




Billionaire Beach Villain Vinod Khosla has a thought

Fake News before the sentence even ends. BoingBoing, I am disappoint.


I find it interesting when people talk about something huge and complicated like economics as though it was a single monolithic object with all its rules and goals set in stone.

Seems to me like any other complex system it could be changed to serve different goals. (as in no longer being a giant funnel with all the money ending in the 1%'s pockets)


Poor, poor Vinod. What was the point of becoming a billionaire unless you could fuck over the hoi polloi and unwashed proles with complete impunity and at any time?



Now that’s the truth.

In America, fringe left-wing ideas are ideas that poll at 60%. Fringe right-wing ideas are ones that get voted into law.

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