Billy Corgan upset

This actually makes too much sense… ugh, people, we are the literal worst!


There is a whole thing on that mindset which @AudioBeing refers to in Clerks 2, where Randal starts wearing a shirt with a racist phrase on it and proclaims he’s “taking it back” from racists - all because his sweet Grandma used to say it. And then Earthquake and Wanda Sykes come in…


I can’t trust anyone who uses the phrase “social justice warriors”. Call it a personal bias. Even if you’re an otherwise reasonable person, even if its frequent use on the internet makes it stick in the foremost of your mind, even if I’m agreeing with something you’re saying, the phrase betrays a certain kind of paranoid, tribal thought process that makes me worry about how you arrived at your decisions. (Thankfully, most people who use “SJW” will then go on to say something absolutely batshit that does nothing to actually challenge my bias.)


There is actually a good, if poorly articulated point, which has been made by others before: the internet does not forget, and people with access to the internet do not forgive.

In real life, there a gradation from “that was a bad thing” to “you have bad behavior” to “you’re a horrible person” to “you’re an irredeemable monster”.

On the internet, it’s binary. Everyone is so desperate to be heard, to be first, to matter to the conversation that they will yell the loudest and hold up every fault. They want to be the first to unlike you. They want to go to meme generator and be the first to churn something out. They want to email your boss, your neighbors, and your landlord make damn sure they can ruin your life if at all possible. And they will tell you this is fair.

The best you can hope for is that you are never the subject of conversation. The second best you can hope for is that there are equally demented people willing to rally around so they can hold up as an example: either showing your tattered life as proof the other camp is a bunch of fanatical monsters, or else as a victorious example of how their camp was able to sway public opinion by shouting louder than the other camp.

In short, the internet gives us means and incentive to accelerate conversations in the worst possible direction as efficiently as possible.


Which of those groups is straight white people, please?


I don’t know much about the history of the phrase, but my impression is that it’s like “politically correct” - terms used ironically by progressives, but seized on by regressives as straw men to be outraged about. Do people still (or did they ever) use SJW to describe themselves?


Billy Corgan has a career?


Uhm, no. Having you listened to Manson. I can think of maybe two songs of his that (ironically and for effect) use anything racial unless you count his cover of “Rock 'n Roll Nigger,” which, you know, is a famous song…

  • Unabashed Manson fan

I just had a twitter argument with a guy about this (who started spouting about those “SJW” people). Finally, I’m like, let me guess, you’re white, het, gop, and live away from the coasts? His response was along the lines of “f’ you.”

When I see someone use “SJW” except as a mocking derision of people who seriously use it, I assume they are a Trump support or a Nazi (or both!).


That bad man said a word I didn’t like. :cry: let’s destroy him because he is uncivilized.

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Billy Corgan has a career?

I heard that fool live and knew he was a product of some rather advanced recording techniques… And his barely discernable prepubescent screams mixed so well with the grand production values. The crash of a symphonic wave reverberating off massive humming architecture, and in its midst a lone bald pasty weirdo howling at the moon.

He’s just a bald white dude with the world’s worst singing voice. And a problem with predictable consequences.

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Over on Popehat, it’s a term that Marc Randazza likes to use occasionally, and whenever he does, I have a hard time taking him seriously.

I mean, I like his work as a First Amendment lawyer, but dude. You’re alienating a whole segment of your readership by talking like a #Gamergater.


Correction, straight white men and/or women that don’t support 3rd wave feminism.

Also, how dare you go against our unique view‽

*blows whistle

I found an outlier, there’s an outlier here. You will talk like we talk, you will use our words, you will be civilised like the rest of us outrage addicts. You will toe the line of forced enlightened kindness or we will destroy you.


Calm down, nobody’s going to “destroy” anyone. It’ll just be a longwinded, boring duel of contentious whining and butthurt claims of victimization.


“SJW” seems to have replaced “Liberal” as the quasi-insult of choice from the far right.




Real world social justice warriors:

Internet social justice warrior:


I meant literally that while you listen to a line and hear something like, “Today is the greatest” it’s actually just four or five obscure racial epithets strung together. Also, what I said was not even remotely true, but clearly not so absurdly far from reality that it was impossible to believe that I meant what I said at least metaphorically. So sorry for any confusion.

Did I miss a memo that vegetarians were all straight white people? (or people from Indiana, or people from the Jersey Shore, or people from Britain, or French Canadians, or BB users?)

I wouldn’t say I missed it. I would say his other words put it into context. It’s weird to think you’d come into an interview and say, “We need to stop being so awful to one another; and while I’m on the subject, why can’t I use racial slurs?”

I could be very generous and think I agree with him about people being degraded and our culture normalizing awful things, but what awful things have we normalized? Is he talking about how we normalize the degradation of trans people with bathroom bills or is he talking about how we normalize the degradation of women and girls by letting “men dressed as women” use their bathrooms?

I’m not jumping up in a rush to give him the benefit of the doubt given the surrounding comments and the forum he chose to express himself in.

Yeah, that’s a pretty clear tip-off.