Billy Idol and Siouxsie Sioux reunite after 32 years; Adam Ant drops out of Cruel World festival

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… TIL Adam Ant is still alive :thinking:


They said “aren’t you sure you won’t reconsider dropping out?” But he was AdamAnt.


I hope nobody teased him, ridicule is nothing to be scared of.


All the best to Mr Ant.


Yeah, I read the link and it didn’t say any more, but it did say “See you next year,” so here’s hoping.


Damn Souxsie Sioux still cute as hell a lifetime later. that’s a sweet picture of the two.


Well, just got home (early) from the Festival. It was awesome up until they evacuated during Iggy Pop singing Passenger. Freak lightning storm. No Siouxsie. Iggy had to effing go and call the lightning. Dammit.


I guess better evacuation than an electrocuted Siouxsie!


The headline made me wonder about that.

Took me too long to spot the word ‘festival’. Thought that was a new euphemism for death.


Aren’t we all living in the cruel world festival?

(I’m writing that down for later!)


The Fête Worse


Well if you don’t drink or don’t smoke, you can live a long time…

I wish I could have seen the Sick New World Festival.

Several bands kicked off tours after this.

My Life Wit the Thrill Kill Kult was there, but had to cancel a show or two as Groovie Mann somehow got sepsis in his hand/arm. I nope antibiotics kick its ass and he is on the mend.

Guh- Siouxsie(and Iggy) rained out, couldn’t make the show Sunday because of airline/travel shiiiiiit. boo.

Yes- yes we are… Let’s take all these things I used to like back in the 80’s and package them together and charge a bunch of money for it… Then add pretentious younger people and expensive merch and food; and let it pour down rain for the best of it!
Cruel, cruel world

I doubt that having to shout at young people to get off your lawn is what @Tamsin_Bailey was referencing when she described the world as “cruel” right now…

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Bully Idol was my first post COVID lockdown concert that I went to back in August 2021. (Don’t judge. It was outdoors and I wore a KN95 mask the entire time.)

I’m not a big fan or anything (although it’s hard to deny that Steve Stevens is a phenomenal guitarist), and this was a show Mrs. Ficus wanted to go to. That being said, I was very impressed with his performance. For being in his mid-60s, he still looked and sounded great. I was set to see him again in 2022 as he was supposed to open for Journey, but he ended up canceling a ton of shows after contracting MRSA and developing a persistent sinus infection that sidelined him for several months.


“Bully Idol” Ha!

Billy Idol is cheesy and full of himself. That said, he definitely puts on a performance and knows how to write a pop song. And yes, Steve Stevens is wicked.

Unintentional typo! (Stupid auto correct.)

I know he’s had a pretty tumultuous past, but it’s my understanding that he’s pretty mellow these days. I guess sobriety and grandkids will do that to you.