Binder clips are incredibly handy


Our house has no gutters. We use binder clips to hold Xmas lights to the drip edge of the roof. They will rust, however.

They’re also great for making small picture frames: sandwich plexiglas, photo, cardboard and clip together. The wire handles can act as hangers or feet to stand the photo up.


Yeah, well - it is an acquired taste.


Not to be used as a means of birth control.


One result of my local Giant State University’s paperless push has been big boxes of black binder clips for sale at the campus salvage facility. I’ve used the clips in all sorts of ways, including some of those already mentioned: exterior Christmas lights, cord management, clipping bags of new fish to the aquarium side during acclimation and as handles for various hinged lids, not to mention the sculptural possibilities of a whole bankers box full of them. If only I could think of some clever use for the thousands of hanging folders also freed up by the paperless push!


I frequently use a medium one as a front-pocket money clip when I have a wad of bills too unwieldy to stuff into an already-crowded wallet.


I use a large one for that.

And for $19.99, you can subscribe to my newsletter containing secret, can’t-fail stock picks.


Probably not a good option but if it is your thing by all means.


Surprisingly few evil uses.


she binded ME with science


I used to clamp them (and/or a pager, before widespread mobile phones) to my beard, then wedge toothpicks in between, thus creating a face fortress. Then I’d go around the workplace that way.

These days I use binder clips as chip clips, and as a money clip.


Also can deactivate a cat.


That’s wild, I did not know.

ETA: Now to find the neighbor’s cat …


Key ring, if you don’t have a spare split ring handy



Theyre a staple in our kitchen to close partial bags of whatever like chips or frozen broccoli, usually keep a wad of them on a fridge magnet. Just bought several eight packs in pastel colors at the dollar store.

If you have a sheaf of papers too thick for a normal magnet to stick to a fridge, putting the clip on them and then to the magnet will usually work.


I use a small one to clip my ear buds to my collar.


I’ve been using binder clips as wallets and billfolds for nearly twenty years. Much better than a strap in your right ankle when bicycling. The most MacGyvery tool imaginable.


Came here hoping I wouldn’t have to mention this, leaving satisfied.


Seriously though, what the fuck is up with that? Apparently this is a well-known thing I just didn’t know about?


Mama picks up babies by the scruff of the neck, and then next year, male kitty bites female kitty’s neck while mating. I’ve had neutered cats who did it daily, but they couldn’t tell you why.