Bizarre 'Wood Milk' ad with Aubrey Plaza backfires

It’s juice. (3:00 mark, cued videos don’t seem to be working anymore)


Well, it was a TikToker


Yeah, but you couldn’t pay me to drink cow’s milk, so I’m not sure it’s that successful. Now excuse me; my oatmilk isn’t gonna put itself in my coffee.


Exactly, the amount of water used annually to water the California almond crops is 4.9-5.7 million acre-feet. To put that into perspective, Lake Mead if refilled up to its spillways holds 50 million acre feet. Now, all of the water used to water almonds doesn’t come from Lake Mead, and that isn’t the point I’m trying to make - but when looked at in perspective, “Big Almonds” are also a major part of destroying our ecosystem.


“Milk, it does a body good. Pass it on.”

I certainly remember the days of the ads from “Big Milk” aka The National Dairy Council. I’ll never forget those ads either. They really got their money’s worth with that campaign.


Wood Milk (if it was a real product) is milk.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has the following use of the word milk, with record written usage dating back to at least the 1565 CE (earlier examples have dates of composition given as far back as 1398 CE).

" A milky juice or latex present in the stems or other parts of various plants, which exudes when the plant is cut, and is often acrid, irritant, or toxic."

a1398 J. Trevisa tr. Bartholomaeus Anglicus De Proprietatibus Rerum (BL Add.) f. 224 The mylke of the figge tree.

a1450 Agnus Castus (Stockh.) (1950) 132 Þis herb haȝt mylk with-inne þe leef.

1565 T. Cooper Thesaurus at Lac The milke that is in greene figges. Herba lactaria, an hearbe that hath milke in it as spurge, &c.

When the usage of “milk” for juice from plants goes so far back that it pre-dates the modern spelling of mylke, then calling Wood Milk milk is all good.


Yeah, thistle milk was my first thought, but same for the latex on my rubber plant and ficus.


Calves are not nobodies. They support animal rights.

OK. Failing to failing to understand. Go for three?

I believe that is Pepto Bismol

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It’s also almost certainly not the first mammal milk consumed by humans (sheep, goat, or water buffalo are more likely contenders).


I literally hate it when people use the word literally to mean figuratively.


They make the 2%, right?


Acers are various types of maples, so it took me entirely too long to parse that sentence!


I think the most useful measure for the water impact of any given food product is “water use per calorie of food produced.” By that metric almost all products derived from farmed animals have a higher water cost than almonds. Remember, it’s not just about how much a cow drinks every day (which can be quite a lot in itself) but also how much water you used to grow the food the cow eats.


I agree with the first part of that statement but not the second. Humans didn’t always have Similac available to give their babies, you know.

But as for first milk consumed by humans that came from from hoofed mammals? Ok, sure.

I breastfed my own kids, so it’s not something I’m unaware of. I simply didn’t know how to construct the sentence to be both readable and yet distinguish between humans and other mammals. I was banking on the distinction being obvious.


I too was confused


I prefer the term “extrusion”.

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So try oat milk, or soy milk. Good, popular brands of both exist.

All this backlash against almond milk (in defense of, I guess, drinking another animal’s baby food?) seems misplaced here.