Black Friday Only: Moderators at Target (Requires $75 Purchase)


Source - Chased it down to this tumblr for a source but stopped caring.

(Apologies @Falcor!)


I’d like a close up on the specious Star Wars toys, as well.


“shoots REAL hot dogs!”


The don’t-push-your-luck raptor.


The rest of the set, for those who don’t want to click through:




HowtoBasic is branching out now?

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with that guy. The sight of him stepping on several dozen eggs triggers my podophobia.


no idea. I just know that .gif from being posted on the bike forums that I go to.

here’s the receiving end:


That is amazingly evil. I have one nemesis, but he drives. I’m thinking a dungeness crab taped under his engine block.


I guess he really has been exploring new materials. I mean, eggs, milk and bread have already been done to death. Now he’s dipping into the creative font of processed meats:

Also, the man has shown us how to effectively fight a chicken. The man’s doing important work here:


Axel Foley method: banana in the tailpipe. my grandpa said a potato works; maybe I’ve swapped those. anyhow, no smell really but disables the car. if you’re into that kind of thing.


What’s that, Oscar Meyer bukakke?


whaaaa? it’s just a little harmless fun with the Star Wars Episod VII hot dog blaster, you filthy pervert!


I’m a pacifist, and don’t want to do any actual damage, even though he and my SO tried really hard to have an affair. Plus I like the long term paranoia something like an un-destinkable car has on a person.

(I once left a slightly open bottle of rubber cement in a compartment in my trunk, it drove me nuts)


Am… Am I high? What the ungodly hell is this!?


I mean, not to belabor the subject, but I think it’s fine once you pull it out, it’s just something that nobody thinks to check and drives 'em mad. could be wrong. there just possibly might be an explanation on the internets…


HowToBasic. Learned everything I know from the man. Excellent chef, and a true philanthropist to the world, sharing his valuable skills with the masses in an easy to understand format.


Obvious Plant is the original source, that’s his logo on the flyers.


I gonna have to do some research on safe-but-annoying pranks. I thought about getting religious missionaries to bombard his house, then I thought, “isn’t that a dick move for the missionaries?”

Subscriptions to White Power Monthly would probably just be laughed at.

If I were a rich man I’d buy the house next door and start an artisnal mangalitsa pig farm, with fans blowing his way.