Black Lives Matter. Still

depressingly, it sounds like that was the defense the first time he murdered someone

The killing of Wilson came after Hall shot and killed Laudemar Arboleda, 33, in 2018 during a daytime slow-speed police chase in Danville.

In a video of that shooting, Hall can be seen opening fire without yelling any commands. Hall later testified at an inquest that he was afraid Arboleda would run him over, the East Bay Times reported. An internal probe by the sheriff’s office cleared Hall, but prosecutors with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office are still investigating.


Relevant when you consider that whatever else your opinions of the man are, he was still a Black man in the US (in)justice system, which disproportionately puts Black men in solitary. A punishment he literally describes here as being worse than death.


This goes to representation in popular culture, it was 2020 before there was a Black WWE world champ…

Wrap your head around that… And of course, the world of pro wrestling has a long history of racism and having gimmicks based on ethnic and racial stereotypes. They covered that a bit in the GLOW tv show, with the women of color often being heels and having some pretty racist gimmicks (Cherry as Junkchain, Tamme as the Welfare Queen, Jenny as Fortune Cookie, etc, etc).



I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video but it’s clear from the description that these cops were hot to murder this dude.

From the Virginian-Pilot’s reporting:

The officers shouted conflicting orders at Nazario, telling him to put his hands out the window while also telling him to open the door and get out, the lawsuit says. At one point, Gutierrez told Nazario he was “fixin’ to ride the lightning,” a reference to the electric chair, according to the claim.

Nazario repeatedly asked what was going on but got no response. Frightened and unsure what to do, he told the officers he was scared to get out.

Gutierrez then responded, “Yeah, you should be,” the complaint said.

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Yeah. I watched it. I feel relatively confident in saying the only reason he is still alive is because he waited to pull over until he reached a well-lit, public area.


“What’s going on?” Lieutenant Nazario then asks.
“What’s going on is you’re fixing to ride the lightning, son,” Officer Gutierrez yells. (Later, after striking Lieutenant Nazario behind his knees, the officer told him to “lay down or I’m going to tase you,” as the officers appeared to struggle to get Lieutenant Nazario on the ground.)

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In too many similar cases, the cops use not pulling over immediately as justification for excessive force and calling for lots of backup. Then they start categorizing a simple traffic stop as a chase, and failure to stop when they first turn on their lights as ignoring their orders or resisting. In their minds, everything is the driver’s fault - not their overreaction. That’s what they kept saying during the video from this case mentioned above:


Totally. I’ve had some shitty interactions with cops, but I can’t even imagine the levels of fear and rage that hit most POC when being detained at all, especially not Black men.
No matter what they do, that’s the reason it was okay to kill or wound them. :cry:


this stuck out for me

The police force in Windsor, a rural town of about 2,700 people about 30 miles west of Norfolk, consists of six members

After two volunteers from the town’s emergency medical service arrived

either the town is particularly crime riden, in which case they should probably just build a roof and call it a prison, or - the police are a revenue stream and ems is not.

i dont know how police can be defunded nationwide without making the police - without making racial profiling - so profitable for small towns.

maybe something like towns have to hand over traffic ticket money to the state or something. allowing towns to keep it local is helping to feed all this ( kind of wonder if other countries have figured this out or not )

( also: something weird is going on in that town. according to wikipedia in 2000 it was 90% white with 900 people, and in 2010 it became 70-80% white with 2700 people where it’s remained approximately that ever since. they must have incorporated more land, and probably jacked up their police force at the same time )


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Great, now do his buddies who played along.


That’s good news. It’s hard to tell from the story whether they fired him as soon as it came to their attention, or only in response to this last bit of national attention.
I suspect the latter and add this to my long list of examples why we should pay attention to people behaving badly.
Now he needs to get convicted.



Sack of shit says what?


You are correct.


Don’t worry, folks, after about 2 weeks the school issued a statement that the incident wasn’t representative of the school values. So, that’s all good then.


The Dems HAVE to step up BIG time: The Black vote got Biden and Kamela in, and now that they are, I can see racists upping their ‘street game’ in revenge.