Black man beaten by Charlottesville Nazis has been charged with assault


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The only good nazis are dead ones.

They fucking beat people then cry about how bad their fists hurt. I hope they all kill themselves.


Thread. If true, the facts are even more disturbing (given the way things are going, I lean towards true)


Our systems’ injustice and racism has no perceivable bounds.


I guess I need to go google what a magistrate is and what sort of power they have.

Am I right in assuming the DA is would still need to sign off on prosecution? If so, it seems calls/emails to that office would be prudent.



Just to preempt the next troll who shows up to explain that Harris was the one who viciously beat up those poor Nazis:


Seriously, those crybabies are all upset about Wolfenstein too.

What a bunch of whiny tools.

If you don’t like being treated as history’s bad guys, then stop wearing the fucking jersey.



My response to anyone pissed off about Wolfenstein:

Thanks for posting that; the whole “Nazis were the real victims!” bullshit is getting tired.


Here is a pretty good compilation of videos of the fighting at the Unite The Right Rally. DeAndre Harris can be identified in some of the clips by this blue backpack and white cloth worn as a scarf, head covering, or mask.


The thing that the Nazi trolls don’t seem to understand (or are willfully ignoring) is that even if this guy had hit someone over the head with a Maglight (or whatever narrative they are trying to spin), having a group of people kick the shit out of him and continue to do so while he’s laying on the ground is not even close to a proportional or appropriate response. All this tells me is that these people were desperately looking for an excuse to beat up a black person.

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Let’s not forget that there were cops around who did nothing to stop any of it.

That’s my take on it, as well.


I feel your rage and have even thought those same words. On more deliberate consideration though, I feel the following individuals, rare though they are, did something far greater for the world than kill themselves:

Bullets—even self-inflicted ones—kill ideologues but never ideologies.


That’s great.

I hope they all kill themselves so that decent people don’t have to shed their blood killing them when the nazis try to start a race war.

Every time there’s been nazis with any amount of power, we’ve had to kill them to get things back on track. I don’t see how this time is special.




(do you mind that I keep responding to your Goldblum’s in kind?)



(I’ll kind of be mad if you don’t)