Black man living in nice Georgia neighborhood now routinely films white neighbors asking him what he's doing there

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Infuriating. Makes me think I need to check the year on my calendar.

“Black man films a burning cross at night on his lawn” in 3, 2, 1…


Well there’s a red flag if I ever saw one.


Saw this in reddit a few days ago. I used to live on a street that had crime on all sides of it, but not on our street. We had this 45-50 year old guy who lived with his parents. We called him creepy Carl. He was always on the street and when you’d come home he’d try to sell you a half a fifth of liquor or a chainsaw or some other weird item that came into his possession. He’d also ask everyone who came into the neighborhood what they were up to (and if they wanted to buy a half a bottle of liquor.) When Carl’s parents moved away (along with Carl) the crime went through the roof We missed creepy Carl. It is good to know your neighbors and let people know that you know what’s going on. All of that said, you know that none of those people are asking the white people what they’re doing in the neighborhood.


Exactly what makes this neighborhood “nice”? It sounds horrible to me.


“…Petty had been fired from her job as a massage therapist at Sea Glass Therapy, an emotional wellness center.”
Lady took the special time to even pull over her vehicle, get out, and then walk over to bother this dude.
The early 21st century is about to make me either vomit at my desk, or just toss in the towel and drink up my remaining 25 or so years.
~’ I’ll walk over to Karen you, but I don’t give you permission to film me!'. The outrage is palpable. :confused:


So, I went to his TikTok channel and watched a bunch of the other ones where someone called the police on him and white people came and said to stop fishing. The white woman who asked him what he was doing was fired. Here is the video where the president of the HOA is telling him to stop posting the videos. I Get harassed when i Go fishing because these privileged people don’t... | black man fishing lady getting fired | TikTok
Later he posts a video asking if he would help the woman fired get her job back.
I Get harassed when i Go fishing because these privileged people don’t... | tanya petty | TikTok

I’m also interested in the one where he is told that it was private property and no one is supposed to fish there. The TikToker asks, “Has he complained?” The HOA guy says, “Privately, he’s and older man and he’s fearful.” But the TikTokker says, “But there are lots of white people fishing here and no one complained about them. I fished here because everyone else was.”


Unsurprising in Coweta County, sadly. It’s lovely over there, but full of racist jackwads.


The neighborhood sounds fine, it’s the neighbors who are shitty.


Red flag with a blue cross and white stars to be more precise.


Fish on, Sir. Fish on!


I gave up checking during the first year of TFG’s administration. :weary:

It’s actually more common than people who live in other regions might think. My father’s in SC, where just about every third housing development, botanical garden, or park has that in the name. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Most likely it’s the property values.

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I’m trying to think of a single place where I’ve lived (in North Jersey, Boston 'burbs, and SE Pennsylvania) that something similar hasn’t happened to me. :thinking: Oh, yeah…the time I stayed with my grandmother as her caregiver. Only POC lived in her neighborhood, though. If I broke out my fishing pole and started hanging out at the local creek tomorrow, I have no doubt that I could produce some interesting footage, too.

It used to be a more subtle microaggression. BITD, you could stare somebody down, facetiously claim you don’t really live there, and/or then demand to know why they felt bold enough to ask. Now, folks might have guns and they’re weaponizing the cops, so the reactions to being challenged like that have changed.

I hope not. :crossed_fingers:t4:


I really hope part of this project is systematically using that footage to strip all of these racist assholes of their jobs. After a few years of that, maybe it really will be a nice neighborhood.


“Let’s all work collectively to find a solution.”

Ok, old man. You prevent everybody in GA from
being racist and I’ll stop filming. Problem solved.


Yes. What are you going to do to stop your racist people from questioning this black man from fishing here? His plan is to send out a blast email to all the home owners and tell them to not question the black man fishing there so that the whole country doesn’t find out what racists they are.


“You’re supposed to do this stuff under the cloak of night and hood! Didn’t your pappy teach you nuthin’? They got cameras now!”


True. Pretty much anyone I know who is a POC can say similar things, except when they’re living in communities where everyone is a POC…

But I see a major difference from where I live now (outside of ATL, in a majority area) vs. where Newnan is, and my hometown, which is on the same side, but further north. I’m sure racist shit happens here quite a bit, especially in the northern part of the county (which is whiter, and still rather red), and the southern part.

Yeah, I think racists are feeling emboldened again, thanks in part to Trump…

Sad Happy Hour GIF


Carl was actually the goddamn Bat Man? :smile:

The Flash: “What’s your superpower?”
Carl: “I’m creepy.”
The Flash: “What…”
Carl: “People thinking of committing a crime, but they look around, and there’s always some creepy guy right there. They’ll move along elsewhere.”
The Flash: “Um. I guess.”
Carl: “Want to buy this half bottle of liquor? I gotta go, they’re shining the Creepy Signal.”