Blackphone announces privacy-oriented app store


I have never seen sandbox as a verb. What does it mean?

To run a program in an isolated environment that limits its access the system’s resources and data. Often accomplished through some form of visualization.

In this case, I suspect they make each app think that it’s the only app running on a generic, bare phone with limited features, so that if, for example, a game you downloaded tries to send your complete contact list and location history to the developer mother-ship, they don’t get anything useful.


Aha. I have heard of this, but I think different words were used. More precise words, but not nearly as cool.

Wow, I’m trying to come up with another word or phrase for the same thing and coming up blank.

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Sandboxing is pretty standard terminology. I understand that Google’s Chrome browser and Apple’s iOS both use it in their architecture.


Ugh, physical buttons and the back button is on the wrong side. Get it away from me!

I wonder how long it will take for a super-secure phone (or at least some data security app) named after Judge Posner…

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