Blackwater founder Erik Prince used ex-spies to infiltrate liberal groups for Project Veritas

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And just as much when it doesn’t.


It is unclear if Trump’s support of Project Veritas spurred Prince’s interest in the group, but in late 2015 or early 2016, Prince arranged for O’Keefe and Project Veritas to receive training in intelligence and elicitation techniques from a retired military intelligence operative named Euripides Rubio Jr. According to a former Trump White House official who discussed the Veritas training with Rubio, the former special operative quit after several weeks of training, complaining that the Veritas group wasn’t capable of learning. Rubio did not respond to requests for comment.

You can’t fix stupid.


Gee, can’t imagine why a teacher’s union was targeted… possibly because big sis is incompetent, she hates public schools and EVERYBODY WAS BEING MEAN TO HER! ‘Deep State’, obvs.



It looks like it is time for liberals to adopt some of the security culture that has unfortunately had to be a part of so many leftist groups for a long time. As the stakes get higher and you get further from acceptability to people with power, you have to adapt to new threats. It is a shame to see it because groups like AFT are at their most effective when they are as public as possible.


When someone describes fucking Pinkertons as a “domestic Blackwater”, you’ve set the standard for low.

On other occasions, the Pinkertons functioned as a sort of domestic Blackwater, working alongside law enforcement to surveil workers and break strikes.


If Obama did this, of course…


And we’re surprised? The right has always infiltrated leftist groups and organizations. The only difference is it’s private groups now more than the government (but with the governments explicit approval). The left, violent or not, has ALWAYS born the brunt of fear and hatred in this country and been targeted for destruction via tactics like this. It’s why the Black Panthers lasted a mere decade while the KKK has gone on for a century and a half.

There’s nothing new here. The only new thing is who pays the money for these spies.


“This is exactly the kind of immoral intelligence tactics that Trump has when it happens to him”

When did that happen to him? From the subsequent link: Trump’s not necessarily wrong about the potential abuses of secret and/or warrantless surveillance

That’s some overly cautious journalism there. Quotes around necessarily, and/or with one option being mandatory. The surveillance HAD to be secret, just like the email server… oh, wait

My point is, the investigations by the FBI into the Trump campaign were vetted and proper. Investigations off the books by a war criminal through an organization founded by a felon (pled to misdemeanor) resulting in deceptively edited video is another thing all together.

I’m thinking that we need to do need some covert activity to balance this off. The difference should be that the video would be raw and unedited. It would take only seconds for them to sink themselves. The GOP can’t help shoving their Ferragamos down their throats in public. We can only imagine what it’s like behind closed doors, the occasional glimpses show this in spades

Leaked tapes on Democrats usually reveal how we eat our own



Yeah, not really.


Betsy DeVos and Erik Prince are siblings and the rotten sure runs deep in that family.


This reddit post about his sister:

has an interesting comment about Republicans habits:

Fucking children is a major part of the republican agenda, it’s why they like Trump so much

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I dunno, Destro is way cooler if you ask me.


I’d pay good money to be named that.


and yet you called yourself MaiqTheLiar … wait, I see what you did there.

That is a massive list, and even longer lists are available online. Sickening, really.

But how would that explain why they like Trump so much?

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trump’s projections aren’t even subtle, he’s simply not smart enough for that

anything he accuses other people of doing HE IS DOING

everything, simply everything

my gosh I am so ready for this year to be over and it’s only March


There doesn’t seem to be anything yet that directly ties this to the Trump administration, but given Prince’s many connections to the Trump administration and family, and connections between the Trump family and James O’Keefe, head of “Project Veritas,” it would be unlikely that the Trump administration wasn’t hiring them for skullduggery. Which would be a bigger scandal, by far, than Watergate.

But the odds are that it won’t be investigated, or if it is, be much of a scandal for Trump because he’s so scandal-ridden that none of it sticks. He does something on almost a weekly basis that, if it were anyone else, would be the end of their political career. (That CDC presser the other day had multiple statements by Trump that should have been the end of his presidency.) It all becomes impossible to track, to remember, to be outraged over. Worse and worse things get revealed, but they’re reduced in their impact because the baseline of “terrible” for Trump makes outrages seem less outrageous. It creates this weirdly high burden of proof (except “proof” is also the level of outrageousness) for taking him to task. The Mueller report shows that multiple members of Trump’s campaign conspired with Russian intelligence, that the campaign as a whole relied on what they provided. Yet it’s forgotten now, dismissed as a non-revelation, that it didn’t indicate what it clearly indicated… It’s maddening.


Not a yuuge amount by oligarch standards, or even Trump hush money rates.

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“When Veritas sends its people, they’re not sending the best"