Blast the wax out of your ear with this scary-looking $15 device




You can do better than that… go to walgreens and get one of their $3 ear bulbs. Just as effective. I swapped to flushing out my ear this way many years ago when q-tips did nothing but jam the gunk further in, making me unable to hear for a week until it cleared up.

The brief dizziness after cleaning things out is kind of fun. :slight_smile:


Hydrogen peroxide, even considerably diluted, seems a rather unpleasant substance to be putting in your ear! I was told to put a few drops of peanut oil in each night before resorting to syringing.


Which is better for Naughty Fetish Nurse photo shoots? The scary metal syringe or the rubber bulb?


it’s usually a diluted lukewarm solution. it doesn’t hurt but the crackling noise and sensation is a little weird. however, seeing the nurse come at you with what looks like an antique veterinary syringe is much weirder.


Get one of these so that y’all can share your results with BB:
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Thank you for not mentioning ear candling, which is bunk.



Japanese have such devices. With replaceable scraper/spoon acrylic tips and LED lighting. I got one some time ago, and it worked well for both earwork and looking into enclosures through small holes, but then I broke the fiber-optic cable (lots of parallel optical fibers, doesn’t handle well sitting on it). (Todo: find it and try to repair the cable; cut, polish, glue, align, let set. May or may not work.)

As of ears, a piece of wire, bent to a loop and twisted, and the end of the loop bent a little to form a small scoop, is an easy-to-make (quicker than to find the lost one, too), safe option.


Is that for Princess Leia?


Sometime you got to do what you got to do. With impacted ear wax Hydrogen Peroxide followed by a flush can be needed. It does feel weird but the Hydrogen Peroxide does a great job of loosening the ear wax. This way you do not have to use as much force when irrigating (cleaning out) the ear.


So I came here to mention this, but I see that’s already been taken care of. Carry on!


A friend of mine once flushed enough earwax from his ears to make a small model of a bunny. He enjoyed the dizziness as well.


You call that scary? The headline had me imagining some sort of Cronenberg/Giger ultrasonic blast lamprey horror device. You know, something like all those wonderful “beauty inventions” of yesteryear.


Yep, Busted!
You Can Make A Candle Out Of Earwax


Blast the wax out of your ear with this scary-looking $15 device

[…] only to find that for about $12 you could order […]

[…] At $11, it’s probably one of the better investments […]

Surprising this device only costs $10, I suppose. And since the price is only $8, it’s definitely a bargain. Why, anyone can probably find $7 if they just look under the couch cushions. It’s amazing how good the workmanship is for a $5 device. And paying $3 is trivial compared to the relief you’ll feel after using it. Why, if this review was just a bit longer, they’d be giving it away for free by the end!



When they start giving away $100 with every free purchase I’ll grab a few.


Huh - the thought of using a clyster in the ear never occurred to me.




Saw this in a doctors magazine: woman presents with wax in her right ear. Doc gets his syringe organised, returns and sticks it in the woman’s left ear. Woman, puzzled about this asks: isn’t there something in the middle there doctor?


Just go to a local pharmacy and pick up a 50 ml syringe without the needle. They’re way cheaper than $15.