Bleach-stenciled T-shirts with Overwatch themes


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At first blush it looks like stencil + bleach spray = cool shirt. But there must be a trick to keeping the lines sharp and preventing the bleach from bleeding into the stenciled area.


Freezer paper stencil, ironed down.


Instead of spraying the bleach on you can use a bleach pen or a gel bleach to make sure it doesn’t soak under your stencil.


I found this tutorial few days ago, they don’t really use bleach but maybe some do ?


The secret to clean lines is to blot the bleach right after you spray it. A freezer paper stencil will form a (mostly) water tight seal but if you leave the bleach sitting for too long the fabric will wick it and ruin the line. These are either machine made stencils or the guy is way under charging for his time. Plastic stencils can be reused with re-positionable spray adhesive but freezer paper stencils are only usable once.
These are all single-layer stencils but you can get some interesting effects if you use multiple layers of stencils and/or different dilutions of bleach.

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