/blog is broken


Asciis newest post for me is "Durham protesters turn themselves in at police station after pulling down Confederate statue "

Now it just jumped to the poledancing t-rex for me. Blog is still on Faro shuffle. Looks like something’s really off. CDN being fucky maybe?

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I also purged my cache to see if it was me - and nothing changed.

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No /blog here either, beyond the Faro Shuffle.

I thought everyone was taking a few days off, but happened to visit the ‘main’ page accidentally (which I never normally do) and saw new posts.

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/blog still where it was yesterday: Faro Shuffle. @beschizza, isn’t /blog your baby? any ideas?


I hear that Rob accepted the #3 spot at Breitbart, so no point in trying to drag him into this. The Schizz has moved on!


Caching is me. I’m still investigating. It’s a difficult beast to track down given we made no changes last week.


The Faro Shuffle post was the final straw. It broke the blog. Ah, well, it had a great run.

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No trouble on my end. I think.

I tested it right before posting and it was still broken, but . . . it LIVES! Thanks for the heads up.


I went ahead and pushed a temporary fix just now that’ll force purge it every 15 minutes while we track down why the fastly purge plugin is on strike.


I see new content under /Grid now posted as of 11:04. Thank you.

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/grid is fixed, yay!


There is a large number of posts seemingly sucked into a black hole between pages 1 and 2 though. At the bottom of page 1 i currently see http://boingboing.net/2017/08/21/saving-throw-2.html while at the top of page 2 i see http://boingboing.net/2017/08/18/theres-a-hidden-message-in-t.html. So what happened to all the posts between the two?

ETA: I’ve therefore resorted to using ascii view. Ugh.

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Came here to say the same thing. My black hole is in a different place, but it looks like caching again.

Right now, p.1 ends with ‘Watch flower-hat jellies…’ (08:42, 21 Aug) and p.2 begins with ‘Driving before, during, and after rush hour…’ (02:22, 17 Aug).

so I’ve tracked this problem down to an issue with internal and external DNS. I made a change to fix something unrelated a few days ago that caused this issue (the purge API for fastly requires the domain name, which is where this problem is coming from).

It’s not a quick fix, and it’s affecting lots of dynamic pages outside the normal frontpage / permalink page structure (like /grid /ascii /blog /page and so on), but it’s also not something I can just revert without breaking other things. I will get it sorted, however. Just needs a bit of time (and spare cycles on my side for it).




/blog seems to have stopped again; ‘Trump pardons…’ (17:13, 25 Aug) has been the most recent for a couple of days.


Same here.

me too. im seeing up to that same post you are on /blog and /grid, and a few newer on /ascii, but none have the complete directory of wonderful things i see via the main page or the bbs.