/blog is broken

Yes, just realized this too. Thought they took the weekend off…


everything seems back to normal on my end, fingers crossed


Not up to date for me again. The last post I see is the charming Ted Cruze one.

Same here. :wink:

And it’s not just p.1 this time - thanks!

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And we’re broken yet again. Last post yesterday at 9am.

@orenwolf Do you have any cron jobs which run on friday or saturday? “Boingboing breaks on the weekends” seems to be an emerging pattern, may want to look at them.

What post are you seeing? I’m pretty sure the last posts were in fact 9am yesterday due to the holiday.

Last real post was the syringe drawing, but the fact that a BB store post just came in today makes me think I just got mixed up and there have been no new posts :slight_smile:

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