Blosom, the World's Tallest Cow, RIP

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That’s no cow. It’s a space station.


I see they also have a well-stocked fishing pond on that farm!


And thus passes the last known descendant of Babe the Blue Ox.


Who knew that Babe would turn out to be a race traitor.

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Hey, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Or black-and-white.

Besides, anything looks like a good lay when your balls are that color.


Maybe it’s part Aurochs.


Clearly some Shopping or other is going on, the 2 pics on BB are mirrored, and this one shows the cow much shorter relative to the woman. Of course she could be standing far behind the cow for some old fashioned distortion, similar to the famous fish pic “philly pushout” technique. And isn’t it a steer not a cow?

The images in the article look like the exaggerated effect is because of uneven ground. The cow looks like it is standing a slightly higher ground than the woman.

I think we’ve got an eater!

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Looks like she has a relatively small udder.

I’m having a problem with the scale of the blades of grass (in the original pic, at the top of the article) when compared to the sizes of the hooves and the woman’s feet. Something about that just does NOT look right.

But damn, that’s one big cow/steer/thing.

I think a more fitting name would have been Brienne.

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First pic is like LOTR forced perspective.

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Ah well, by now the point is moo(t).

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