Large steer towers over puny wagyu cattle


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So Knickers won’t be knackered, eh?


Too big to fail?


Too bad…

“Knickers weighs 1.4 tonnes, or 1400kg. According to iGrow a carcass weighs in at about 62-64 percent of the animal’s weight after the internal organs are removed. Splitting the difference, 63 percent of Knickers’ 1400kg bulk is 882kg. From that 882kg carcass, it will yield around 65 percent of that weight in boneless, trimmed beef — that’s 573.3kg.”

“The perfect burger patty weighs in at around 200g per an investigation by The New York Times , and I’m going to assume we are aiming for perfection. This majestic beast deserves nothing less. So, divide the 573.3kg of Knickers beef by 200g, and Knickers can create 2866 patties, with half a patty’s worth left over for a little slider.” -Junkee

"Knickers", a great name for a burger joint start-up.


Knickers has already been Knackered, that’s how he became a steer. Also the irony of castration in general; you get to live longer :slight_smile:




I, for one, welcome our giant steer overlords!


Holy cow!

Is Knickers surround by calves in the video to make him look bigger?


I’m thinking this may be the case. Although huge, even by cattle standards, he would need to be 8’ tall at the shoulder to be towering over your average steer.


I also wondered if the others were miniature cows. And finding an excuse for that Father Ted clip is always welcome.


“Giant Steer Too Big To Slaughter” is my new Country Western band name.


To quote Cosmo Smallpiece, “Knicker’s Knackers Knockers!”



Let me just say . . . . chainsaw.


nope, just living in australia, must be somthing in their water, cause he isnt the only one there:

and he is really a pet-steer…well, sort of

(and no, this isnt photoshopped)


He may not be the only one but if he’s 6’4" the others around him look a lot smaller than the average cow, in comparison.


psh, thats just a trick of the lens…


I refer you back to the Father Ted clip earlier in the thread. :wink:

(And then there’s this. And, no, I have no idea, either.)


Aw, thats a sweet kaiju.


ze fack?!? that…that was quite disturbing…I LOVE IT! :upside_down_face: