Blue painter's tape good for more than masking

Blue Painter’s tape, left on by my contractor during a 8 month remodel.


Sorry this really is a terrible idea. The stuff is wonderfully removable for a few weeks, but once that glue dries out it’ll be almost as bad as cheapo masking tape.

High quality artist tape will stay repositionable much longer, but I’m sure it has an expiration date too.


I still have a few bronze age thumb scrapers that were just in the plough soil no context. A nice sharp trowel would be just the thing for soil stains. Most of the work i did was in rural areas where there was a ~ 0.5m of plough soil on top of the natural that we would scrape off with an excavator then half section all the features cut into it. I worked a few sites that were ~1km^2 gravel quarries so we stripped a whole field, the place looked like the Somme when we were done.


We generally had more context for artifacts; the sites might have been farmed for generations, but not hundreds of years, and in many cases, there were no post-Contact structures, just a bare field and underneath, a fairly pristine pre-Contact site. Not a lot of great artifacts though; the sites were mostly seasonal, and unless something was damaged, it was taken along when the inhabitants moved, so we were left with literal garbage; damaged pots, etc.

I was specialising in what we called at the time faunal archaeo-osteology, so I spent a good deal of time in the bone lab, analysing animal bone.

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The nature of adhesive is that it sticks more and more over time, until it dries out years later and the adhesive separates from the tape. Other than ‘repositionable’ formulas like post it notes I have never seen an exception. Blue tape, gaffer tape, duct tape, masking tape, the only difference is how great the adherence.

I would look into scotch removable magic tape, which seems more like post it note backing, but looks like cellophane tape.


Yes, it really is;


I’d second this, I’ve found it very useful. There are generic versions available, usually called ‘invisible tape’ which seem just as good.

If you’re not using it for masking, save a couple bucks and buy the “original” rather than the “sharp lines” version shown in the photograph. I just learned this trick over the weekend at my local big-box home improvement store.

No joke, removable tape is genius especially when moving lots of electronics. Got a scanner that keeps flopping open? Tons of cables that’ll get tangled and you forgot where the velcro went?

I tore down and setup my mother’s computer and entertainment system this weekend in less than 3 hours, and only because I knew which cords went to which devices because I made sure to tape 'em onto the damn equipment!

Use on tile floors for race tracks and mazes to entertain stir-crazy young children. Bonus if you can convince them removing it is a game too.
Do not attempt on wood floors or carpet.

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