Post It Labeling Tape: Post-It paper by the roll


A roll of blue masking tape from Home Depot works at least as well, and is far cheaper.

The Post-It roll is also useful for marking your position on counted-cross-stitch patterns.

“3M has terrific products in their Post-It line”

Now if only they could make masking tape that doesn’t tear lengthwise after the first couple of centimeters.


Short term, yes. But masking tape adhesive leaves a stain if left on too long and can also adhere more tightly over time. I had to repaint a wall because of that.

Don’t put post-its in your books. Over time, the glue saturates the paper fibers and then when eventually someone pulls it off, your Shakespeare first folio is wrecked.

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Blue tape has a time limit written right on the core of the roll. Usually 14 days.

Not all that new, I have Floppy Disks from the 80s with Post-it tape labels… they are holding up much better than the diskette adhesive labels of the day.


For cheaper options, try gaffer tape, artist’s tape, or soundboard tape. All available in different colors.

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We are losing endangered forests around the world due in a large part for paper. In fact, about 30% of our trees logged in the U.S. are logged for paper. Unfortunately, 3M is misleading consumers into thinking its products are not destroying our forests by using paper products certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). SFI is an industry scam that allows clearcutting of forests and does not even have tree replant requirements.

I encourage 3M—and other paper product companies—to dump SFI. Consumers interested in protecting our forests can look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo or look for 100% post-consumer paper products.

Let’s not destroy our forests just for post-its. To learn more, go to

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Address label sheets have an unused inch at the top and one at the bottom.

I keep a drawer full of those. They’re usually long enough for anything.

And yes, there’s a removable version, too.

Broadening the arsenal (I’m middle-aged - a broadening arsenal is inevitable) of items I can use for my passive-aggressive notes.



Blue tape might be cheap-er, but the last time I visited my local big box home improvement store for a painting project they wanted like $7-8 a roll for it. In the scope of home improvement, $7-8 isn’t a big deal, but it seems like a lot for tape.

Anyway I have the Post-it paper tape and it’s awesome.

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