Bluegrass cover turns heavy metal classic into lullaby

If I were a metalhead dad, I might lull my baby to sleep with this excellent cover.


:metal: this fucking rules :metal:

It never dawned on me how the lyrics are not overtly satanic or dirty or anything. You hear Dio singing it and see the original video and you just kinda assume.

And they make no sense whatsoever :smile:

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After listening this song almost non-stop for a few days I have come to realise that the lyrics do have some sense.

The song tells about cat-worshipping pacific islanders. The diamond eyes of their black and blue cat idol has been lost to the sea so they held a masquerade to choose brave man to carry out sacred mission to retrieve the eyes.

He dives to ocean at midnight, the sacred hour of cats, and the islanders wait impatiently for his return. But he does not surface because he has met a “tiger that is clean”, a tigershark.

The lines about “racing for morning” and “light that cannot be seen” clearly mean that the shark has heat vision and if the man can evade shark until morning the sun will blind the predator.

Perfectly meaningful story!

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They’re actually a Finnish band, they did a good cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck too:


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