Bob Hope's golf cart was a custom number by George Barris


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A shaggin’ wagon like that must have been a babe magnet. Surprised there aren’t more bikini models hanging out in the sand trap.


Tape deck? They didn’t have 8-track back then did they? Does this mean… open reel?


They had 8-track in the mid to late 60s.


You mean my childhood was eight years behind the curve? Dammit, my parents told me it was the hottest high technology!


That picture’s caption cracks me up. The Bob Hope caricature would fit right in with one of Chris (Simpsons Artist)'s creations (the “bee syrup” guy).

“Excuse me you’re in this golf cart by error.”
“That’s impossible. This is unmistakable the Bob Hope Golf Cart.”


It looks to me like it’s some sort of traveling display rather than a permanent museum. Still, cool set of wheels.


Don’t tell Trump.


They also had your basic cassettes, my family got one in 1969. 8-track was popular in cars, but I think more of your basic cassettes were sold.


There’s two kinds of people in this world- people who don’t mind driving around in a giant version of their own face, and all the normal people.


PLEASE tell Trump!
(The mockery it would enable would be worth it.)

ETA @stinkinbadgers Which is precisely why Trump must be told. We know which group he falls into.


Work. Of. Art.



I met George Barris at a car show in DC back in '80s. The Batmobile he had there was black velvet-flocked.

Not to be confused with a Batmobile painted on black velvet.


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