Boba Fett's ship has a new name

Let the butt hurt fan whinging begin!

I’d like to go ahead and make the distinction immediately between resisting any change and just not liking the name Firespray. Every time I hear that name I am gonna get Afternoon Spray stuck in my head.


What’s wrong with Sub-1?


Well Firefly is already taken. Maybe something with the word “Flame” would be more acceptable to the fans? Flame-thrower I is too cumbersome though. How about Flamer 1?. *

*(whether you use the definition of someone who blows up online forums with juvenile complaints/insults or the definition of someone who’s fabulously and proudly flamboyant is up to you. Either works in this context! The dude struts around wearing a cape and what appears to be an armored jock strap after all.)


The present age of ‘cinema’ everything is changed. Name change of a fictional ship seems small potatoes.

On the other hand, some Fans are ‘life’rs’ and any change to the original is beyond blasphemy.

An old friend and star trek fan walked out of the theater when the USS Enterprise was blown up. He was disguised and stopped w :man_shrugging:atching the show/franchise, for ever.

The thing looks like a flying iron. Surely “Steamspray” would be more apropos.


I wonder what the name of the ship in Hardware Wars was?



What? This has been up for 18h and no comment from @Mister44?


I have to ask: which USS Enterprise? I think at least 3 of them have been blown up in the movies.

Based on his reaction as stated above I think it would have to be the first one that was blown up!

He was able to accept Spock’s cancelation, though?

and of course the magical exception to permadeath in the next film?


What was it that got him cancelled?!? It was that stuff with Nurse Chapel, wasn’t it…

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