There is now a Ferry McFerryface ferry, and the crew is pissed

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Maritime Union of Australia Sydney branch assistant secretary Paul Garrett…

There’s your problem right there. They sent an assistant branch secretary to talk to the media on such a momentous occasion? Middle management are forbidden to have a sense of humor. What if the boss found out?

But it’s a mistake for him to speak on behalf of the union members, many of whom found the joke charming, I’m sure. Here’s a revolutionary idea: If any crew members are offended, transfer them to the HMS Intrepid. Nothing amusing about that name, is there?


This is worth every penny of their union dues.


Once I found the label maker at work, my li’l office plant now proudly displays its name, Planty McPlantface.


So the ferry crew have their frowny mcfrownyfaces on?


And thus the Ferry McFerryface children’s show was born…


Perhaps such names as “Humorless Union Workers” or simply “Generic” will appear on the next ballot?

Makes me think a little of this:


“In tragic news today, 36 people lost their lives when Ferry McFerryface collided with Bridgy McBridgepants. Reached for comment, maritime officials cited shoddy construction as the likely culprit in the catastrophe, one which could have been avoided had a more suitable name been chosen for the vessel. Reporty McReportface signing off.”


Don’t tell them about Churchill.

It’s a lucky thing I hadn’t quite got the coffee cup to my lips when I read that.

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Humorless Union Worker McHumorless Union Workerface


As a union person myself I applaud the union for advocating for it’s members but this pretty much plays into anti Union sentiment due to it’s sheer pettiness.
If I had been a rep or shop steward for these guys I would have resigned.


Sounds like its time to hire a new crew

Sure, yeah, it’s all cutesy. And the union guys are being petty. But why the hell do these idiots keep opening up their naming decisions in this manner? All they have to say is “Give us some choices, we’ll pick our favorites from the top ones and let people vote on them.”

Oh, and frankly, Ferry McFerryface is so unoriginal it’s lost the humorous punch of the original Boaty McBoatface. People aren’t even trying now. I don’t think we should reward laziness in our trolling. Now Ferry McBoatFerry, that’s a name.


what a bunch of joyless weenies

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Obvious rename would be Paul Garrett McWhiny Face

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come on, union people, lighten up – it’s just a name. names can be changed later, you know.

Not on boats or ships, those have names painted on their side, Painted. You don’t just change paint on a whim. Once the boat is named the only way to change its name would be to *gasp* buy more paint.


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Let’s rename this blog by popular vote. I nominate: Boingy McBoingboingFace


ugh, look at Mr VoiceOfReason McReasonface over here. * not even trying *