Boba tea advertisement: edgy or bad translation?


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I can’t tell if they’re trying to be edgy or just got a bad translation."



Teabag or no teabag?


There’s so many Pho places up here in the Northwest. So many places called “Pho King” I can’t believe it’s not intentional.


Yes. Let us not forget Phu Ket in SF.


Is Boba Tea any relation to the bounty hunter?


… Great, now I want to create a company that makes and sells boutique felt and call it ‘bobba felt’. /rimshot


And why exactly does this tea have “balls?”



that’s a pretty neat idea. In fct, i liked it so much i snagged the domain just so I can redirect to to an image of a felt Boba Fett puppet (it’s a work in progress).


So I will pay $4.50 for a cup of green tea. But they are $4.50 good!


without balls it couldn’t make any baby teas?



There’s also:

  • What the Phở
  • Phở Shizzle

So, yeah, I think they are well aware of the connotations.


It’s a rip-off of a comic called Kawaii Not.



Thai restaurants seem singularly drawn to cringe-y puns.


Word must be out that “suck my balls” is a popular pickup line in Hollywood, where culture comes from.


pawing at clothing “What great material, is it felt?”
“Well, it is now.”



Pretty ballsy I’d say.