Body language expert analyzes Stormy Daniels' appearance on 60 Minutes


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At this point any other human alive is more believable than tRump, or dead for that matter.


Hoo boy, you really missed a chance with this one to tell us what you’re doing right now. :laughing:


Your mind is always in the gutter, and I like that.


Gonna be too damn funny if she preserved her (ahem) ‘little’ blue dress… complete with presidue… but it won’t matter, Obama was born in Kenya, Hillary colluded w the ruskies, china is pulling a global warming hoax on us yada yada yada.

Nothing will dissuade the faithful morans. Maybe they’ll spin it that this porn star threw herself at Hair Twittler and she seduced him into comforting her and one thing led to another… he paid her $130k to dry-clean the damn dress! It says so in item 5 section 3 subpara 137 of the NDA. Peggy Peterson and David Dennison were in love! It was all God’s Plan. MAGA! (more like magoo… )


I trust the dead more. They don’t lie.



Tell me you just coined that term.


couldn’t the eye dilation simply be because of high adrenalin and nervousness, as she was appearing on a nationally-broadcast show with zillions of eyeballs on her, while she told her truth?


Body language expert

I thought we determined a while back that this wasn’t really a thing.

Or was it just the royal we?


I hate MAGATs


Yeah, my problem here is that this isn’t a kind of source of authority I trust.

Trust is transitive. If I don’t know if I can trust you, I may turn to some other entity I do trust and ask them “do you trust this person” and factor in their answer.

But I don’t have any particular reason to trust a body language expert. “Oh yeah she totally looks like she’s telling the truth” doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me.

On the other hand, at this point I do trust the opposite of anything Trump would say. Him claiming there’s nothing to see here does actually reinforce Daniels’ position.

Unfortunately, it is in any case preaching to the choir.


No, not me… can’t say where I heard it… maybe a comment thread on

Also love ‘Dunning Krugerands’ for bitcoins/crypto currencies/digital tulips


Before I believe her body language, let me just quickly look up “actress” in the dictionary… what?!.. wait a minute!..

[For the record (is there a record?) I do absolutely believe her, just saying that the “body language” of an actor may not be the most reliable indicator of truth, despite the “expert”.]


Or contact lenses.


strange days when a porn star garners more credibility than the president of the US.


Oh yea? Well Breitbart says she’s lying, so there!

Oh, and a shameless hussy.


Zombies?!? :open_mouth:


It’s Trump, more like the royal “wee”.


Well played sir, well played…


Why do we need an analysis of her body language?

All we need is the analysis of Trump’s body language: his body doled out $130K to suppress her information.