Boebert's ex somehow inserts himself into the Congressperson's public groping of another man

…and not that she left him over his infidelity. He is upset by the idea she might have wanted a better life and believes she saw no room for improvement, minus his inability not to bang something or someone else?


He misses their date nights at the theater.


Came here for this. Not disappointed.

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Sounds like the Beoberts came close to dropping the ball on this one.

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Being a registered Democrat doesn’t automatically mean a person has any standards or morals that they wouldn’t abandon in a heartbeat.

Heck, Trump was a registered Democrat as recently as 2008. His daughter Ivanka was a registered Democrat as recently as 2018.


It’s really more like a late night TV charity pledge for some.


“Well, you showed her who you are.” - Seinfeld

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She was apparently fine with this guy being low class enough to want to fondle each other in a public theater but it’s beyond the pale for Republicans and Democrats to be dating. That’s just unnatural.


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Oh, absolutely not! No question of that. I’d think it was more of at least checking to see if the person you’re going out with isn’t … well, Boebert, for instance. (I always make sure anyone I’m going out with knows I’m trans and queer, as I wouldn’t want to accidentally continue talking with a bigot.)

Waitaminute… so that was literally their FIRST DATE?!?
And she did all that? Just in the theatre?
I guess it’s no surprise she’s a grandma already.

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I actually don’t care what she does on a first date or without ever going on a date at all. I do care very much that she was doing this in a theater, blowing vape smoke in the crowd, and being her usual hypocritical self. She could go bang a line of people she just met at the grocery store and I wouldn’t bat an eye, so long as she did it somewhere without non-consenting people present (and didn’t spend time babbling to the rest of us about what a fine upstanding Christian she is after doing it.)


Root canal treatment is advised. Since side effects of drugs were severe in earlier treatment, anaesthesia is disencouraged.

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As per friends who have dated men, they say many are less than forthcoming about political status (and marital status, age, etc), in the hopes that the person will either not mind once they get to know them, or that sex will happen first.

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Yeah, there is no way his ex husband wrote that. I contains several multi-syllabic words. :wink:

We’ve had the occasional issue at our kinky camping event where conservatives have been made to feel unwelcome. (Although of course I don’t actually consider that an issue because that means we’re doing a good job.) The fools in question revealed this to someone that they thought would be sympathetic to them just because he was also a white cis straight man, as far as they could tell anyway. Apparently they were fine slumming with the queer, trans, weirdos at our event, but were quite happy to then go home and vote for policies that would kill us.

There’s a reason so many of us have “No Trump supporters” at the top of our profiles on certain websites. (It’s in my ‘points of negotiation’ document.)


I’m guessing this has something to do with the former husband wanting to retain his lucrative career as an “energy consultant.”

I actually don’t particularly care to what degree you condemn her, nor how you personally adjudge my own criteria, and in what order of importance I rank them, (as far as you can tell, that is,) - so long as you realize that she is to be condemned. Kudos.

I just want her condemned for the right things. This means no insults to appearance, no misgendering, and in this case, no slut shaming.


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