Boing Boing Gift Guide 2013 is on my list

If you have anyone in your family or group of friends who is either having trouble with their gender or sexual identity or if they are trying to understand a friend or family member with the same, give this book a look. It’s an exhaustive book written over 3 years by those inside and close to the LGBTQIA community and it’s wonderfully illustrated by my sister (fair disclosure and all that)

I hope it can help someone figure out their own situation or help spread understanding in place of hate.


Sad to see that none of Hasslein Books’ publications made the list: Reference Guides for Geeks

That’s pretty neat, but it also is pretty expensive.

Since they’re targeting the wet-shave market, we can compare to double-edged razor blades. If you shave six times a week and use a new Derby DE-blade each time (20¢ ea.), you’ll spend $313 over the course of five years. Half that, $157 over five years, if you use your blades twice (which is still almost identically sharp, if you’re shaving that often). And that’s with a system that uses no electricity and no big breakable gadget.

I’m all for innovation and I hope your friend gets funded. But I worry he’s targeting a pretty small market.

WindFire Designs Circle Tools are made for beautiful circles. Specifically designed for countless uses, they provide elegant and precise utility.

Graceful progressions of sizes in curated sets of circles find a balance of scale between the maker, the studio, and the work.

Made from low-conduction, hard stainless steel which provides durable guides for blade cutting and leaves heat in the tips of hot cutting instruments for consistent beautiful lines, clean edges and rapid cuts.

Ergonomic and stable, they stay right where they’re placed—leaving your work visible, your body safe and out of the way.

Beautiful archival tools, made for many lifetimes of service, and to be passed down through generations.

Ah. I knew there had to be a reason it did that. It randomized last year, too, which frustrated me no end.

I’m just gonna Open Link In New Tab from now on to work my way down the list.

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Glad to see somebody’s doing it again! I have three or four different razor blade sharpeners, all antiques.

Hey! I went to go check out Rover (the “48” Solid White Beach Ball") and found this wee disclaimer:

Inflated: Approximately 34’’

That’s dirty pool, that is.

Sorry, Donald. I was trying to be clever. Didn’t see the disclaimer. Also, I am sure it won’t hunt down people that need hunting down.

No, no, Mr Weisberger! Not dirty pool on your part! Just Amazon’s own naughtiness. (Or, possibly, just their typo regarding the actual inflated size. One can hope, at least until the ball shows up on the porch.)

Never once did I feel your own pool was anything less than exemplary.

I tried to add a question on Amazon. You can guess what it is. They have deleted it.

“We want information!” would be my guess. ;^)

Seriously? I’m supposed to guess my sister’s size in chain mail tights? No way I’m going there. Do I look suicidal?

Gift certificates. One size fits most.

Who is number one?

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Why is the list in a different order every time you load it? Makes it hard to know that you’ve read the whole thing.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure link ( 404s

This guide is really helpful! I’ve already purchased a bunch of them based on your recommendations. Please keep adding new things! I have a bunch more geeky people to buy gifts for and need all of the help I can get! =)

“I am not a number! I am a free radical!”

All I want for xmas is consistent perspective. I feel like I’m falling off my chair every time I see this graphic!

@beschizza ah, if only I’d imagined it as floating in space I might have been okay:

(click if not animated)