Boing Boing - Why won't you properly cover Bernie Sanders?

You know, we SHOULD cover Bernie more. I became a citizen last month and he’ll be getting my first presivote.



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The thing is, maybe, mayyyyybe, maayayyyyyyyyybe, The Editors are either pragmatic social libertarians or anarchists (GUESS), so it boils down to “ugh, Hillary or Bernie I guess” or “spoil the ballot for a transitory sense of futile emotional satisfaction”. So the result is we generally have more fun in mocking undesirable establishment candidates than supporting acceptable but unappetizing ones.


Fair enough.

The thing is that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to possibly stand a chance in most of my adult lifetime. More importantly he wants to fix the broken system, get rid of gerrymandering, get rid of super pacs and all the money that is fueling political corruption, etc. So even if he isn’t your ideal candidate, he’d open the door for a lot more better choices in the future as well. In order to ever see your type of ideal candidate stand any real chance we need a lot of change to happen, and only one candidate this time around is for ANY of those necessary changes.

Also, I get the attraction to posting about Trump, I mean the posts and jokes practically write themselves. Everyone loves a good train wreck as the saying goes.



Being 100% behind Bernie is a no-brainer for anyone who has a working brain.


Sounds like a new drug.



What labour centrists? The people who are too ashamed to vote Conservative so they change the party so we have two sets of Tories? The ones who are to the right of Ted Heath?

I’m not sure that Jeremy Corbyn is the right person to lead the Labour party, but if Burnham/Cooper/Kendall win then the difference between Labour and Tories will be as meaningful as the difference between Arsenal and Chelsea FC. If Jeremy wins there is a chance I will care enough to vote at the next election, if one of the three Tory wannabes win then I will give up on elections as a way to change things.

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Just a matter of time until someone made that gif.


I know this sounds defeatist, but by the time the primaries get to my state, it is already over. I do wish primaries were the same day. And if they aren’t? Make all primaries caucuses.


Do you want the SAME or the SAME or DIFFERENT?

(This seemed like the best thread to post this in, apologies if I got it wrong.)


I’m very happy to see some media attention for it. Confirms a lot about Hillary Clinton being Republican-lite. The funny thing is I saw that article or something similar earlier and it didn’t even phase me, so I just passed it by without putting much thought into it. I have to remember that there’s still plenty of Hillary Clinton supporters that really aren’t properly educated on who she truly represents.

Hillary Clinton and many Republicans answer to some of the same corporatists when it comes to protecting wealth disparity for the already wealthy. Establishment Democrats and Republicans have a protectionist formula down pat.

The Corporatist Game Plan: (That’s been repeated so many times before.)

  1. Hillary Clinton gets elected by pandering to the left. She hopes the media helps to conceal her spotty record that betrays her.

  2. Clinton does nothing to motivate, activate nor enable grassroots movements to attack Republican obstructionism before and after she’s elected.

  3. Clinton then proceeds to scapegoat Republicans for her own actions and inactions that appease her wealthy, corporatist donors while claiming to be fighting for you and me.

  4. Corporatists profit. Average Americans lose.



How does this look today?


Cory’s made with a couple of Bernie posts lately, too…



I remember reading an article a few months after that post that compared his performance to that of Obama, also vs Clinton. It seems to have continued on in that vein since then, he does seem to have more of a chance than I though he would, though I’d still say Clinton is the favourite.

As a non-American, I don’t really care who wins the election to be honest, as long as it’s not a Republican. I wouldn’t vote for Sanders myself, not that I’m a big fan of Clinton either, but it doesn’t really bother me one way or the other.

Ah, so you’re an O’Malley man.

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Why not?

No, if I were American I would probably grudgingly vote for Clinton.

I disagree with his economic policies more than I disagree with Clinton’s.