Boing Boing's Andrea James interviewed about her favorite tools


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Nature’s Dog MACE ($30)

Absolute believer in this stuff. I run a small HOA, and we have some a-holes no likey clean up after their dog, hence Nature’s Dog MACE.


Poor doogies. =(


How do you figure?


Nothing burns my biscuits more than humans not taking proper care of their animals. They suffer in silence…


I agree with that point, but don’t see the connection of harm to the pets with the use of the product you mentioned.


If you use this on your ears it’s best to wear earplugs. And if you have any hair you want to keep, make sure you’re holding it well away from the business end of this thing!


The brand name can be confusing at first glance. The dogs don’t get maced. It’s a granular product you put on the ground that smells like rotten eggs to dogs. Makes them not want to poop where they shouldn’t. It doesn’t injure them or get on them in any way. They just don’t like the smell and avoid treated areas.


Roger That!


Such a misfit, I don’t even have favorite tools. And you can’t click on my Amazon links. I think I’m losing at this internet.


It doesnt affect the owners. The dogs are innocent.


I think they’ll be okay…no one is protecting me from nasty smells, especially the odor of dog poop left on my lawn.


I love you just the way you are.


Revenge can be yours for a mere $30.00 US dollars!


Warning: Not about dogs or dog poop!

I was pleased to see Andrea James’ website still up and functioning. Unfortunately the list of recommended models isn’t working. Andrea, if you have time (heh, do any of us have time?) it would be cool to have this list working. If you don’t? Totally understandable.

edited to add: The model recommended in your post is a bit above my pay grade, hence my question about the list.


But how do they feel about the epilator? (Obviously the pinschers won’t mind.)


Wow. Did you have to publicly break it to him that you’re leaving him for a supermodel?


I read the headline too fast - thought it said “interviewed by her favorite tools”


And a cheap one at that! :joy:


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