How to wash a very large dog


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I applaud that innovative spirit.



Lol errr perhaps a NSFW on the pic in Twitter would be helpful for us poor slobs who don’t get MLK day off.


This reminds me of the Beavis and Butthead episode wherein they were hired to wash the neighbor’s dog. They sang a song “Washing the dog, washing the dog” to the tune of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law”.


I use it to poop in the yard, I’m not shitting you. It’s wonderful.


I can see it may be an interesting thing to try. Or even to use with some regularity.

Now, Romantic, no, thats not precisely what this thing is.


That makes me think we could have used this when I was a Boy Scout. It would have been a lot more comfortable than the seats we typically strapped together out of branches. Not to mention a lower risk of being bitten by ants.


You Sir are a genius!


that’s a use of the word “romantic” that I hadn’t seen before.


“When in Rome”, as they say…


One of those things that makes you go hmmm… The male and female models are both wearing underwear. Because… ?


Lots of adult and semi-adult goods have their official commercial photography done either with this sort of extraneous clothing or with select bits photo-shopped out as there’s a lot of places that restrict nudity (and in particular highly suggestive nudity) on packaging, store websites, etc. They can get away with most anything on their own store website, but most do also want to have the option to have their products in physical stores and on third party websites (note, this is from amazon)




What I want to know is how the dog-washer arrived at the swing purchase.
Recommendation on a St. Bernard website?
Trial-and-error, trying a succession of different types of swings?
A sex party or porn-watching epiphany?


The street finds its own uses for things.


A few years ago we had two large dogs that I would usually wash in the bath. One time my wife did it instead, but the larger one reared his head back and gave my wife a big black eye. With the looks I got from passers-by, it would have been significantly less embarrassing to have this in the front garden.


Free association from the phrase “doggy style”?


Poor marketing.

If they switched positions and they could hawk some accessories.


That’s what the free market does, finds it’s niche.

Microplane graters ended up moving from the workshop to the kitchen one day and now that’s where they make all their money…