Bomb threat at CNN minutes after Trump tweet UPDATE: All-clear given


“Enemy of the people” - Jesus, he doesn’t just have a hardon for dictators like Dutarte and Putin, he even uses the same vocabulary! He’s channeling Mussolini and Tito! How in God’s name can anyone still support this monster?


You’re right - we need to take power away from Drumpf ASAP.


With those bone spurs, he’d be on disability.


I don’t know, but there seem to be a lot of fundamentalists supporting Trump in His name.

For me, that seems to be among the worst forms of taking His Name in vain. That commandment is about doing the Devil’s work in God’s name, not about cussing, whatever you learnt in Sunday school.


Answer: Check in next week. I think not far.



Trump gets the benefit of the threat as a threat and the benefit of the threat as a false threat.

Of course, should any threat occur to their side, now that would be a real threat. And it would be insulting to say otherwise.

Understanding the far-right is (like) diagnosing a pathology.

We’re getting an unfortunate history lesson on how/why fascism can flourish, even after so much exposure and knowledge of how toxic it is. In America’s case, it took a media celebrity/capitalist strain to defeat the immune system.


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