CNN receives yet another, third suspicious package in one week


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Well. We all know who is to blame…it’s CNN’s own fault for their fake news rhetoric and not having armed guards at their facilities and for being mean to Donald and for saying mean things about Eric and Donald Jr and for not noticing how incredibly sexy and gorgeous Ivanka is and for not liking Melania’s jacket and…and…and…



It’s astonishing to me how the right can direct such extreme hatred at something so utterly milquetoast.


They’re pretty stupid.

I would love to try to engage them in a conversation around “it actually is ALL fake news, but in precisely no ways you guys could probably understand” but something tells me it would be pointless.


So, we can be sure at this point that Cesar Sayoc is not the only patsy mailing around bombs to Trump’s enemies list?


Does Megyn Kelly’s resume count as a suspicious package?


I don’t think so. When they arrested the guy they put out that they didn’t know how many he’d mailed and there were likely packages still winding their way through the mail.

Assuming he spent a few days mailing these things and travelling to NY to arrange the courier/hand delivery of a couple of them. We’re still in a how long it takes to mail shit window.


Is there a second MAGAbomber?


Yes, Trump.


I mean it’s not like Trump is currently asking his followers to End Fake News and restore peace to the country, even after the mail bomber and the Philly shooter happened

Oh wait…


Republican Congressmen call for an immediate investigation. Why is the postal service so slow and did they give a bulk rate to the bomber.






I wonder if Trump will consider him a good candidate for the president pardon.


It’s their guilty conscience eating at them, I’d guess.


So CNN, George Soros and others received mail bombs, then a guy walked into a Kroger in Kentucky and shot some black people (after being prevented from entering a black church), and on Saturday a guy walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed several people.

Remember: conservatives like to go on about how Obama ruined race relations in America because he thought Henry Louis Gates Jr. shouldn’t have been arrested for being in his own home, and because he had empathy for Trayvon Martin. Yet somehow, all the stuff Trump says, and all the stuff his cabinet members have said has no relation to the string of violence we’re now seeing.

Obama talked about diversity and respecting each other and that was somehow bad, Trump talks about roughing up journalists and how he’d like to punch his enemies, and that is somehow OK.


Thank goodness he wasn’t bright enough to use Priority Mail. Having every single bomb he sent out delivered within a smaller frame of time could have led to a bigger panic.


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