Poor MAGA man conks out when asked why CNN is "fake news" (video)

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Rather surprised he didn’t at least try: “fox’news’ says so!”


watch this magat gentleman totally implode when tasked with parsing the old “CNN is fAkE nEwS” with his lord-and-master’s newest tirade against fux news as “trash” and “can’t be trusted”. (due to the new fux news poll showing him behind Biden).
*>-poof!-< *
matter meet antimatter!


He says it’s fake news because he was told it was fake news by his leader.

When pushed, at some level, he understands that this is an inherently stupid reason, and, lacking any evidence, for his belief, shuts down to avoid the uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. .


Every time a question is asked of these people it becomes obvious they’ve never thought about their position even a single time. They go through life with zero introspection and complete confidence that they must be right about everything 100% of the time, not because they feel secure in the evidence but because their fragile egos can’t fathom anything less than perfection. Which goes a long way towards explaining why all their problems are the fault of others (the Jews, the immigrants, the woke agenda, the Deep State) and why they still consider themselves innocent victims even as they oppress and kill.


MAGA can never fail, MAGA can only be failed!

If it wasn’t so disgusting, I would be sad for them.




I remember last year when Trump showed up at a CNN-hosted town hall (willingly, mind you). In the end, that little appearance cost him $83 million dollars in additional damages to E. Jean Carroll. But, he sure showed CNN, didn’t he?

That’s how it works, right?


Selvig missed an easy lay-up. The guy said he watches Fox News. OK, sir, and you know that Fox News had to pay a $787 MILLION settlement for lying about the 2020 election? But CNN is the one you call “fake news”?


That would have required the closing of certain “circuits” in his… but he may lack even the proper circuits.


it’s not really about politics or policy, or facts with this guy. It’s simply us versus them. He gets to be part of a group, with the joy of being surrounded by compatriots, and all he has to do is parrot back the shibboleths of the group. Those words, that t shirt mean that he is a welcome part of the group, for him they don’t really have any meaning.


I think what I’ve been told to think


At some level I think part of this stems from a long history of some level of integrity we had in our politics - or at least the appearance of such - that there is a large bank of trust being burned through. We teach, encourage, and push our children to have blind trust in ‘authority’ (go to an officer for help, ask an adult, tell a teacher etc). We enforce this through school, and double down on it through work with really the only place encouraging pushback and questioning what we are told, being higher education.

While I do think there is “I choose this team” type of thing going on the lack of questioning is a bit deeper for many of them I suspect. The United States I grew up in suspected lies from the government, always to push an agenda - there was always a veneer of some type of goal that you could argue was perhaps good for the country. That kind of ‘lie to push a solution’ is the kind of thing people do all the time - no one ever thought the president would get up in front of the country and just flat out tell lies that only are self serving - the closest to that I can remember is when Bill Clinton tried to worm around what ‘is’ meant, and once again most people felt sympathy due to the nature of the situation - an affair is something people expect someone to want to cover up - it didn’t feel wrong.

This wholesale bonfire of the trust and respect (what there is or was) of the political process is going to have much longer and terrible consequences for us as a country - I suspect. While the ‘team’ might not have introspection, our children are watching - they are growing up with a world where one side is willing to lie for any reason, often with no moral or excusable judgement to hide behind - no not often but mostly. I don’t know what this will mean in 15 years or so, but it terrifies me.


This guy doesn’t even bother to keep up with the kayfabe. Fake news!


Glitch, glitch, glitch - just like merkin von bankrupt.

I enjoyed just how fast he went from supremely overconfident douche-bro to shuffling zombie. I’m surprised a cloud of atomized rubber didn’t issue from his ears as his brain fishtailed to a hard stop.


Dividing the world into us versus them is a way of thinking deeply seeded into psyches by evolution. To a degree, the difference between liberal and conservative ways of viewing the world is a difference in how broadly we choose to define “us.” The more conservative one is, the more one tends to exclude immigrants, people of other races or sexualities etc. Indeed the idea of a “bleeding heart” liberal is largely exemplified by somebody that sympathizes with far too broad a swath of possible “victims.” Not just the urban poor, but animals and even trees. The Lorax was not a Republican. In the view of conservatives, this leads to people taking advantage of the largess of the liberals, as with “welfare mommas,” and wasting resources that could be used for the deserving. “why save some insignificant snail, when loggers have families that need to eat.”

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More like, I’m gonna get reflection on the void at home, is what I’m a gonna do. [Like a shredded turkey, he did.]

hecep> he may not even have the circuits.

Well, he can -make them- or fail? That would be good to have that in the works?
Wait, are meatublicans nitrogen-poor? Street merch taken in the morning blocks adsorption of protein?

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