MAGA Senator stumped by CNN reporter's question about fake electors

Originally published at: CNN Dumbfounds MAGA Senator


MAGA or is it Russian Senator?

In August 2020, the FBI warned Johnson that he was the target of Russian disinformation U.S. intelligence officials believed the foreign adversary was using to promote its interests in the lead-up to the November presidential election.

But Johnson said he disregarded the warning due to a lack of evidence provided by intelligence officials. -

That asshole has been pushing Russian misinformation ever since. It’s funny he thought that he could spew lies without being checked live on CNN. Sadly his real audience will never see the incident.


This is part of the problem with modern journalism. Too often, reporters tell their interview subjects ahead of time what they will be asking them, and if the subject doesn’t want to talk about something, they will threaten to not do the interview if asked about that, and the interviewer complies. I’m not a huge Kaitlan Collins fan, but kudos to her for pushing RonJon on this. Later on Xitter, Johnson listen a bunch of times when Democrats have questioned election results, most notably the accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election, in answer to Collins’ on air request for a list of when Democrats have nominated fake slates of electors, which obviously doesn’t answer her question at all.


The MAGA-sphere seems to be citing 2016 efforts to get legit electors to switch their votes, which is not illegal but also not common, so called “faithless electors” who feel the chosen candidate is not fit for office.


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I don’t understand why BB still links to Xitter.
And while I’m on my old man pedestal, what’s the deal with links to comments going to the main list of BBS instead of the actual comment section of the article?!


You go to Xitter? You are brave!

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That’s the entertainment “journalism” model transposed to national affairs reporting. It’s much rarer to see the sports journalism model applied, where the reporter is happy to bite the hand that feeds her and call out BS.

And so here we are, once again staring down a possible victory for the orange grifter in 2024. At least the Weimar press could somewhat explain away its failure to do its part to stop the Nazis by pointing to newsprint paper shortages. Future history books will not be so kind to Beltway access journalists who enabled MAGAism.


To be honest, I hadn’t intended to. I just wanted to watch the interview embedded in the BoingBoing post, but when I clicked on it, I got transported to Xitter. And then I was curious what the responses were, and found one from RonJon himself (or more likely one of his staff…RonJon probably can’t figure out how to turn on any electronic device) that just listed a bunch of “Well what about Hillary talking about Russian election interference?! Huh? Huh? What about that, huh? GOTCHA LIBS!” I’m paraphrasing, but it’s essentially the same thing.



I’m surprised the bug has persisted for as long as it has. Seems like it would have a major impact on engagement. Though, you and I still managed to find this page.


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I don’t know how to interpret that.

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Just an “i don’t know” why the bug has persisted so long, too…


Not the kind of engagement that’s a business priority. No ads back here (yet). A lot of the BB audience never click on the Comment link.

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It’s strange how “it’s happened repeatedly” but he doesn’t have specific examples he can give. Surely he remembers at least one of these many instances?



Hawaii, 1960. Despite the election originally being called for the Republicans, Democratic electors convened and submitted a rival set of votes.


  • there was a genuine dispute over the very close election result, and there was a court-ordered recount in progress at the time

  • the recount was decided in favour of the Democratic electors

  • the Democratic electoral votes were certified and submitted to Congress by the Republican governor

  • they were then officially counted and accepted by Richard fucking Nixon, in his capacity as Vice-President/President of the Senate.

So not really the same thing,


He did not look as stunned as I was expecting.


I really wish someone would press these guys about how “well, they did it too” is a valid defense of anything.


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Especially when “they” didn’t do it.