The MAGA Matrix: Reality is Fake News

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Does anyone want to tell wannabe-Neo that the red pill is actually conjugated oestrogens?


Negative Energy Farm…

“My life now has been absolutely turned upside-down,” he told the network. Expressing regret about his actions, he said: “It accomplished nothing. What the hell was it all for?”


A few years ago I was trying to get a good sense of the whole “Leopards Ate My Face” thing. This past week has been a bonanza of real-world examples.


The ABC article is titled, " ‘I am not a terrorist’: Retired Navy SEAL speaks after Capitol siege".

It reminded me of Guillermo, from What We Do in the Shadows:
“I’m not a killer. I find people who are easy to kill.”


SEALs are supposed to be expert at assessing situations and data.
He may not be a terrorist (in his mind), but he is certainly incapable of critical thinking. I’m astounded at the huge percentage of the American populace that can’t rationally examine a piece of information and multiple information sources to analyze the astounding amount of outright bullshit coming their way.
I guess part of it is people’s fear of being ‘wrong’. They’d rather be ‘right’ and sad, angry or unjustly treated at any cost than be willing to be ‘wrong’ in their long held assumptions and end up being ‘happy’ or at least having acceptance of reality.


“I am not a terrorist! I just seek to instill fear and terror to achieve my political ends. While being white! So there!”


(Spoiler alert: they’re both gummies.)


Also to trained to suppress doubts or questioning the mission.


Yeah, we have a LOT of people to talk back into reality now. This will be real work. How can they be made to realize what real journalism and facts are?


Start by yanking FoxNews, Newsmax and OANN’s broadcast licenses.


I’ve seen a lot of the MAGA people mentioning something lately that sort of explains why they got so far down the matrix rabbit hole lately. They say something like, “It can’t possibly be the case that the president is lying.” It certainly seems unreasonable that the American people would allow someone to be elected who lies constantly about things that can easily be verified to be lies. No one would believe that a disgusting human being who just constantly lies and is obviously the worst candidate for president that has been nominated in living memory would somehow succeed. Such a thing would have to be made up.

Ergo, Trump is not someone who lies all the time. Ergo, all those people who are accusing him of lying are lying themselves. Ergo, there seems to be some horrible conspiracy where people from all over the government and the media are actively lying to destroy the president. This being the case it is pretty easy to believe that there are a lot of elites who are doing bad stuff and it is easy to believe that the elections are not legitimate. If I believed that someone had cheated on an election I might myself feel like I had to storm the capital in order to prevent that person from taking power.

Getting into the matrix only requires believing the first easily believable premise, “The American people couldn’t possibly elect someone who lies all the time as president.” which unfortunately turned out to be a false premise and revising one’s beliefs is hard.


I keep misreading “OANN”, as “ONAN”; I think that my brain is trying to tell me something.

@generic_name I wonder how many MAGA Cultists would actually eat a Red Pill out of the hand of Laurence Fishburn?

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[Me, too.]


He’s upset because Trump ran away and hid right as they were serving him up the Capitol building on a silver platter, not because he was tricked into it or something. They were all there to save the country and suddenly the leader is nowhere to be found.

He hasn’t realized yet that Trump is being taken for a ride just as much has he was, and that unlike him Trump has people who’s job description is to keep Trump safe. Trump isn’t playing 4D chess, he’s just another guy who has fallen into the trap of listening to the sweet lies he’s always wanted to hear.


I don’t think that they actually HAVE broadcast licenses. I mean there are a few fox “owned and operated” stations, but I’d wager that they are separate corporate entities from FoxNews. To the best of my knowledge Newsmax and OANN don’t broadcast.


There is something to this point. Yes, he’s a grifter and these are his marks. The ones who are still with him are the real dupes-of-the-dupes, who are still waiting for their payouts from Mr. Ponzi. But there is also the incredible persuasive power of the bully pulpit of the presidency and the WH. No other president has abused that bully pulpit like 45 has.




The FCC has the authority to regulate cable (signals over wires that cross state lines yadda yadda)

but it doesn’t use it


We have Dish, therefore we have Newsmax. :face_vomiting:

If OANN isn’t broadcasting, they need to be deplatformed.